Information on the Advanced Plaacement Courses and Exams

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AP Courses

AP courses even more than 30 on various topics and types of subject areas are now available. Each AP course covers the information, skills, and assignments found in the corresponding college course designed by the college committee and master AP teachers

AP Exams

Each and every AP course has a corresponding exam, that participating schools worldwide administer in May. However AP Studio Art is an exception, which is a portfolio assessment, the AP Exam is comprised of 2 sections i.e.. free-response section (essays, problem solving, oral responses, etc.) and multiple-choice questions.

As per the college committee, university faculty and experienced AP teachers, the AP Exam is the culmination of the AP course and aims to provide students with the opportunity to earn credit and placement in college and nurture them with skills and abilities. College professors and experienced AP teachers have the power to score the exam, using scoring standards which is developed by the committee.

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