Credit and Placement for AP Grades

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Thousands of 4 year colleges provides credit, placement or both for qualifying AP Exam grades because these grades represent a level of achievement equivalent to that of students who have taken the college course. This college-level efficiency is ensured through several AP Program processes:

Involvement of the college faculty in the course, development of exam and other AP activities. Today, college faculty:

  • Members of the committees that develop Description of course and exams in each AP course.
  • Is responsible for the setting and are involved in the evaluation of student responses at the AP Reading. The main Reader for AP subject is a college faculty member.
  • Encourages professional development of seminars for new and qualified AP teachers.
  • Used as the senior reviewers in the annual AP Course Audit, assure AP teachers՚syllabi meet the curriculum guidelines of college-level courses.
  • The following AP courses and exams are frequently reviewed and updated which is based on the results of curriculum surveys at up to 200 colleges and universities, collaborations among the College Board, prime educational and disciplinary organizations and the involvement as well as interactions of committee members with professional organizations in their discipline.
  • The Periodic college comparability studies are being taken into accout in which the performance of college students on AP Exams is compared with that of AP students to confirm the AP grade scale of 1 to 5 is properly alloted with current college standards.

Placement Policies and Setting of Credit for AP Grades

The Website of college board for education professionals has a portion particularly for colleges and universities that aims to provide knowledge and guidance in setting AP credit and placement policies. Also resources, for each AP exam that contains links to AP research studies, release of exam questions, and sample of student responses at various levels of achievement are also available.

The online search tool i.e.. . “AP Credit Policy Info” gives links to credit and placement policies at more than 1,000 colleges and universities. Students find it very useful, the credit hours and advanced placement they may receive for qualifying exam grades within each AP subject at a specified institution. Further detailed information on AP Credit Policy is available on this webpage.