Siemens Awards for AP

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If a student had earned scores of 5 on AP science and math exams, then he is eligible for either $ 2,000 or $ 5,000 scholarship.

The students from high schools in each of the 50 states who have earned the greatest number of scores of 5 on eight AP Exams, Scholarships of $ 2,000 will be awarded to them (Or Atleast two scores of 5 are required for the award) . Students are being awarded with scholarships where their high school is situated. Each state potentially has 2 winners i.e.. one male and one female. And the Two additional national winners one male-one female are each awarded with a $ 5,000 college scholarship. The following exams are:

  • Biology
  • Calculus BC
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science A (Students who took the AP Computer Science AB Exam before the exam was discontinued and received a score of 5 may still use that score in place of an AP Computer Science A Exam score. Score of only one AP exam will be counted for the award. The higher score is used, If a student has taken both exams.)
  • Environmental Science
  • Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism
  • Physics C: Mechanics
  • Statistics

Eligibility for the Scholarships

For this award, there is no application. Students must take any 2012 AP Exam to be considered and enrolled in grades nine-12 in the U. S in spring 2013 when the award is being announced. Hence those students who register as seniors for the 2012 AP Exams will not be eligible for the award. AP Exams taken in 2013 are not factored into the scores of the winners.

A student must get a score of 5 on at least two of the exams quoted above for the qualification. If many students have the same no. Of AP Exams with scores of 5, Then the composite exam scores will be used as a tiebreaker.

For the review, Students who receive AP score reports during the summer. It is their important responsibility to check the reports of scores for accuracy and they have to be assure that all their scores are there on the report. Students receiving more than one reports must contact the AP Program to club these into a single record. Incase of any problems, it must be resolved before September 15 2012, as the corrected data to be required for this award.

The students will be awarded a state or national AP award only single time, Later on the state winners may be considered for the national award in the upcoming years.

The College Board or the Educational Testing Service children are not eligible for this award, as they are the children of employees.

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