Answering Free Response Questions for Foreign Languages

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As far as languages are concerned, communication skills are utmost important. There are 3 types of communication skills which are crucial for writing answers-

In Interpersonal Communication.

  • Utilise every opportunity to use the language wherever possible.
  • Indulge yourself in conversations, express ideas, and exchange opinions i.e.. written or oral.

In Interpretive Communication.

  • Use your personal interests and search for the podcasts, websites, and videos that are interesting.
  • On various topics understand and interpret written and spoken language.

In Presentational Communication.

  • It includes story telling, preparing a speech, writing an essay and making a presentation for your classmates or members of the community or class.
  • Despite the circumstances, organise your thoughts and ideas so that they reach to your audience effectively.
  • Disseminate information and ideas to the audience i.e.. spoken and written language
  • Prepare your presentation on a main idea, try develop it in a logical manner with effective details and valid support.
  • On the basis of goals of the presentation try to narrate, explain, compare or persuade the audience.

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