Answering Free Response Questions for Maths and Sciences

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  • Before solving the questions read them carefully and try to maintain a sequential order in the same.
  • In the exam booklet, there are some questions without the blank answer spaces. It can be used as a reference and can be removed from the booklet. No credit is given for anything written on the insert; In the booklet, write all your answers and do all your work for each and every problem in the pages that are being provided.
  • Partial soluions are awarded partial credits, so try to solve the complete probem
  • Your answers must be neat and clear and should be in a organised manner.
  • Free-response questions may be divided into parts such as a, b, c, and d, each part is associate with a different response. Credit for each part is also given independently, try to solve or atleast attempt each part.
  • It is not required to simplify all numerical expressions or calculations.
  • Focus your attention to the units and quantities given in the question, it is very important and judge whether there is a need to convert the units or not.
  • If you are not sure never try to fill out by putting all equations in the answer hoping for half credit. Despite such answers will lead to the deduction of marks.

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