Most Risky AP Courses

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The Reasons why colleges donีšt give credit for certain AP courses and the list given below will serve as a guideline to all such questions when you research AP requirements at your college of choice.

  • Some Colleges may require World History as a core area, so the students who are opting for American History and European History AP courses could not get the chance and credit.
  • Many Colleges may not award credit for AP lab science courses.
  • Some colleges limit the number of AP credits. If you have five โ€œ5sโ€ you may have to choose two or three that you want to use as credit.
  • Some colleges include state government or history into their own US government and history courses. For this reason, the US Government and Politics AP class would not include equivalent material hence you left with elective credit.
  • Some courses that are offered as AP courses are not there in the curriculum. For example, in a college latin literature is not offered, then the college wonีšt award graduation credit for that AP test.
  • Many times AP credits end up as elective credits. Elective courses are extra courses they do not have a motive to enhance your performance or makes you path easy for graduation.

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