Examrace Achievers and Top Rankers

Out of the thousands of aspirants who have benefitted from Examrace, we are very glad that the following students have informed us about their success.

Year 2015

  • CBSE NET: Somvir Soni
  • CBSE NET: Rajvir

Year 2014

  • CBSE UGC NET: Riya, Kolkata
  • CBSE UGC NET: Surbhi
  • CBSE UGC NET: Yogesh
  • CBSE UGC NET: Vimala
  • CBSE UGC NET: Chinmoyee
  • CBSE UGC NET: Gargi

Year 2013

  • CBSE UGC NET: Abhilasha, UP
  • CBSE UGC NET: Radhika
  • CBSE UGC NET: Sunil, Ranchi
  • CBSE UGC NET: Suresh

Year 2012

  • IAS Rank 453: Ashok Kumar
  • IAS Rank 503: Navneet Kaushal
  • IAS Rank 890: Krishnenthu Mintoo

Year 2011

  • IAS Rank 218: Yogesh Kumar
  • IAS Rank 290: Sudipta Das
  • IAS Rank 439: K. Thavaseelan
  • IAS Rank 774: Tenzing Loden Lepcha
  • CBSE UGC NET: Alka, Mumbai

Year 2010

  • IAS Rank 165: Nilesh Ramchandra Deore
  • IAS Rank 504: Jitendra Yadav
  • IAS Rank 117 (Reserve List) : Ramesh Kumar

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