BITSAT Tips and Tricks

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  • Go through the prescribed exam syllabus and keep this fact in mind that don՚t pick any topic outside it, a logical equation implying the same is i.e.. . Unimportant questions prepared = crucial time wasted.
  • Frequently revise your class 11th and 12th NCERT syllabus, As is an outstanding investment of time and efforts at this level.
  • Time management is very essential and it can help you succeed in BITSAT entrance. Assign a particular time to each section and try to complete within that time.
  • Negative marking of 1 marks is there for every wrong answer, Hence irrelevant guessing must be avoided. Also, a relevant guess will not do something wrong.
  • Many easier ways are there to find the wrong answer than the right one. If you are not sure about the right option, Then start removing the wrong ones and slowly zero down on right answer.
  • don՚t take questions too personally. If you are stuck at one question, Do not waste effort, time and ego on that. Just skip it.
  • Give preference to the morning time for examination. If your slot is not in morning, then take a very light meal but don՚t go empty stomach too as it will affect your concentration and focus.
  • Confidence as well as consistency will come gradually after lots of patience and determination. Do not lose hopes or give up if you stuck somewhere or lacking time as it will only worsen the things.
  • Your BITSAT 2021 test will be asked and answered on a computer, make sure you have a working knowledge of computer and are comfortable using the keyboard and the mouse.
  • For the rough work, you will be given a notepad and a pen. Keep your pen and paper near the mouse to waste minimum time in switching from computer to paper.
  • don՚t rush into taking mock BITSATs. Practice the entire syllabus once and frequently revise from one reference book atleast 2 times before going towards the mock tests for BITSAT 2021.
  • Never left out any formulae. Keep on learning formulae, theorems, equations and constants. The main aim is to make ourselves so familiar with the formulae that they become a part of even your sub-conscious memory i.e.. . Your name or mobile number.
  • Do not use a calculator for solving mathematical questions in the exam. It is crucial to polish your calculation skills. Keep in mind that multiplicative inverses of each number till 20. Like X/4 = X ⚹ 0.25. You may also focus on vedic multiplication for BITSAT 2021.
  • While giving the BITSAT 2021 exam, Begin with your most confident section.

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