Physics MCQs for BITSAT Part 3

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In a purely inductive circuit the current.

  1. Is in phase with the voltage.

  2. Is out of phase with the voltage.

  3. Eads the voltage by 900.

  4. Lags behind the voltage by 900.


A lamp is connected in a series with a capacitor and an AC source, what happens if the capacity of the capacitor is reduced?

  1. The lamp shines more brightly.

  2. The lamp shines less brightly.

  3. There is no change in the brightness of the lamp.

  4. Brightness may increase or decrease depending on the frequency of AC.


A transformer is a device which converts.

  1. Low voltage low current into high voltage high current.

  2. High voltage low current into low voltage high current.

  3. High voltage high current into low voltage low current.

  4. Electric power into mechanical power.


The resonant frequency of an LC circuit is.


If the conductance and capacitance are both doubled in LCR circuit, the resonant frequency of the circuit will

  1. Decrease to one half the original value.

  2. Decrease to one-fourth the original value.

  3. Increase to twice the original value.

  4. Decrease to twice the original value.


The power factor In an LCR circuit at resonance is


The power factor in a circuit is unity. Then the impedance of the circuit is

  1. Inductive.

  2. Capertive.

  3. Partially inductive and partially conductive.

  4. Resistive.


One complete set of negative and positive values of alternating quantities is called.

  1. Time period.

  2. Amplitude.

  3. Frequency.

  4. Cycle.