Physics MCQs for BITSAT Part 9

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Luminous flux is expressed in

  1. Lumen

  2. Candela

  3. Weber

  4. Lue


Light travels through a glass plate of thickness d. If n is the refractive index of glass and c is the velocity of light in vacuum, the time taken by light to travel through the glass plate is


What is the magnification when an object is placed at 2f of a convex mirror?


A tank is filled with water up to a height of. The apparent depth of a needle at the bottom of the tank is


A man under water in a lake is viewing a boy standing on the bank of the lake. Then for him the boy appears to be

  1. Shorter

  2. Taller

  3. Of the sane size

  4. 16 cm


A convex mirror placed at a distance of from a candle forms a virtual image at the same position as that formed by a plane mirror at a distance of from the candle. What is the focal length of the convex mirror?


When light travels from 1 medium to another that remains unaltered is

  1. Speed

  2. Wave length

  3. Frequency

  4. Intensity


The length of a telescope is and magnification is 19. The focal length of the objective and eye piece are