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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Previous year solved question answer paper please.

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    1 Answer

    Refer for BITSAT preparation

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  • Sir, If bitsat is conducted online then how come you have obtained the previous years papers?

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    1 Answer

    Previously BITSAT was in offline mode and we always aim and encourage students to provide memory based questions at to help other aspirants.

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  • How can we download this papers?

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    1 Answer

    There is a "Download PDF File" option on the top of the pdf viewer, you can click this link to download the file.

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  • main topics that are used in bitsat 2015

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    1 Answer

    Please refer the following preparation tips for BITSAT 2015-

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  • Sir, There's a ques in your BITSAT 2013 Solved Paper, (phy section). I can't understand how its answer came to be 20 ohm. Kindly resolve my query.

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    1 Answer

    We provide online problem solving sessions where you can get all your doubts resolved. You need to collect the set of problems and based on that we will decide how many classes will be required to solve those problems.

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