BSNL JTO (CE) Paper 2009 with Solutions Explanations at doorsteptutor. Com Part 2

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  1. Which of the following test is performed on hardened concrete to assess the hardness of its surface?

    1. Rebound hammer test

    2. Rebound hammer test

    3. Initial surface absorption test

    4. Flexural test

  2. In a PERT network, the optimistic time, pessimistic time and most likely time of an activity are 4 days, 16 days and 7 days respectively. What is the value of the expected duration of the activity?

    27 days

  3. 8 days

  4. 12 days

  5. 19 days

  6. (i) The addition of fly ash in concrete lowers the heat of hydration in concrete.

  7. The addition of fly ash in concrete reduces its permeability. Which of the following option is correct?

  8. (i) is false and (ii) is true

  9. (i) is true and (ii) is false

  10. Both (i) and (ii) are false

  11. Both (i) and (ii) are true

  12. The crack resulting in lengthwise separation of wood, occurring between and parallel to annual rings is known as

    1. check

    2. knot

    3. split

    4. shake

  13. Which of the following compound is mainly responsible for the early strength development of hydrated Portland cement?

    1. C3S

    2. C2S

    3. C3A

    4. C4AF

Question Number 21 -50 Carry 2 Marks Each

  1. A cantilever beam of length l and flexural rigidity EI is subjected to a clockwise couple M0 at the free end. The downward deflection at the free end will be

  2. A simply supported beam of span L carries two vertical point loads W at L/3 from both ends. The equivalent uniformly distributed load to produce same maximum bending moment as that of the two concentrated loads on the beam is

  3. A beam simply supported at the ends carries uniformly distributed load throughout the span. The depth/breadth ratio is 2: 1. Now the same beam is used without any modification cross sectional area to carry the same uniformly distributed load but with depth/breadth ratio of 1:2. The ratio of maximum deflection of the first case to the second case is

    1. 1:4

    2. 1:2

    3. 2:1

    4. 4:1

  4. A pin jointed truss as shown below is formed by two members. The length of inclined member is L and angle between the members meeting at the joint is 30°. The modulus of elasticity and cross sectional area of two members are same and equal to E and A, respectively. The vertical deflection of the joint under load P is given by

Image of Pin jointed truss

Image of Pin Jointed Truss

Image of Pin jointed truss

  1. A two span continuous beam ABC (AB = BC) is fixed at A and freely supported at BCheisIu1aded in the span BC. The flexural rigidities of two spans are equal and supports are at the same level. If MA and MB are the moments at supports A and B respectively, which of the following relationships is correct?

  2. A concrete beam of rectangular section of is prestressed with force, the centre of prestressing steel being 100 mm from the centroid of cross section. The moment of inertia of the cross section about horizontal axis passing through the centroid and area of the cross section are and respectively. Neglecting the effect of self-weight, the stresses at top and bottom fibers are

  3. (compressive) and (compressive) respectively

  4. (tensile) and (compressive) respectively

  5. (tensile) and (compressive) respectively

  6. (tensile) and (compressive) respectively

  7. In a two dimensional state of stress, direct stresses in x and y direction are and , and shear stress of . If Mohr’s circle is drawn with scale of , then centre of Mohr’s circle from the origin is located at a distance of

  8. A propped cantilever is of length . The flexural rigidity of the beam is . If the propped end undergoes a settlement of , then magnitude of the moment induced at the fixed end is

  9. Plastic moment carrying capacity of a rectangular section of width b and depth d is . If , is the yield stress of the material, then depth of the section will be given by