BSNL JTO (CE) Paper 2009 with Solutions Explanations at doorsteptutor. Com Part 3

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  1. A beam of total length L is fixed at both the ends. There are two internal hinges; each is at one third of the span from either end. The beam carries uniformly distributed load run throughout the entire span. The bending moment at the fixed support is

  2. A built up section of a steel beam is shown below. The centroid of the section is from the top fiber. If moment of inertia of the section about centroid horizontal axis is and permissible stress in bending is , then safe load that beam can carry over a simply supported pan of is

Image of a built up section of a steel beam

Image of a Built up Section of a Steel Beam

Image of a built up section of a steel beam

  1. Deflection of a simply supported beam of span L and flexural rigidity EI at a distance of x from the left hand support is given by , where is a constant. The distributed loading on the beam will be

  2. A sample of coarse aggregate has the following information:

    Weight of oven dry sample , weight of wet (moist) sample , weight of sample in saturated surface dry condition . What are the values of water absorption and free moisture content ?

    1. and respectively

    2. and respectively

    3. and respectively

    4. and respectively

  3. For a concrete mix of the water, coarse aggregate and fine aggregate contents are and respectively. The water to cement ratio by mass is . If the coarse aggregate to cement ratio by mass is reduced by and the coarse aggregate content is reduced by from their respective original values, what is the new w/c ratio keeping in view that the fine aggregate content and the total quantity of all ingredients remain same in both cases?

  4. What is the ratio of target mean compressive strength at of grade of concrete to that of grade of concrete?

    Given, standard deviation , a statistical value, corresponding to of test results below the characteristic compressive strength .

  5. The split-tension test is conducted on a concrete cylinder of length 0.3 m and diameter 0.15 m. The maximum load applied to the specimen is 200 kN. What is the value of split tensile strength?





  1. A thin cylindrical shell of inside diameter D is subjected to an internal fluid pressure q. If fy is the yield stress of the material of the cylinder, the minimum thickness of the shell according to maximum shear stress criteria will be

  2. A bronze sleeve 450 mm external diameter fits accurately over a steel rod of solid circular section 300 mm in diameter as shown in the adjacent figure. If the ratio of modulus of elasticity of steel to bronze is 1.75, then the ratio of maximum flexural stress of steel bar to that of bronze sleeve will be

    Image of bronze and steel sleeve with different diameter

    Image of Bronze and Steel Sleeve with Different Diameter

    Image of bronze and steel sleeve with different diameter

  3. A two span continuous beam AB and BC was subjected to concentrated load of 20 kN at middle of span BC. The deflection under the load was 0.02 m (downward) and that in the middle of the span AB was 0.01 m (upward). When 16 kN and 40 kN loads are applied simultaneously at the middle of the span AB and BC respectively, then downward deflection at the middle of span BC will be