BSNL JTO (CE) Paper 2009 with Solutions Explanations at doorsteptutor. Com Part 4

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  1. A solid circular shaft (length L) is fixed at one end and free at the other is subjected to uniform torque T and bending moment M along its length. If Poisson’s ratio of the material is 0.25, strain energy of the shaft can be expressed as

  2. A beam of rectangular cross section is to be made from a cylindrical log of wood of diameter D. The strongest cross section of the rectangular beam that can be made should have dimension

  3. A plane rigid jointed steel frame with fixed supports is acted upon by a couple M as shown below. In order to find moment induced at the fixed supports, moment distribution was carried out. The ratio of moment at support A to that at B is

    Plane with fixed supports

    Plane with Fixed Supports

    Plane with fixed supports

  4. A propped cantilever of span 3L is having plastic moment carrying capacity Mp. It carries

    concentrated load at a distance of L from the fixed end. Collapse load for the beam is

  5. In a RC beam of rectangular cross section (breadth ; effective depth ), vertical stirrups 2-legged 8 mm diameter are provided at a spacing of . Given, cross sectional area of bar , and design shear strength of concrete is , total shear capacity of the section will be

  6. A beam of length L is fixed at both ends. The beam carries uniformly distributed load of intensity w per unit length covering the entire span. The points of contra-flexure are at

    1. L L 3 from both ends

      2 7

    2. L L 3 from both ends

      2 6

    3. L L 3 from both ends

      2 8

    4. L L from both ends

  7. 9

  8. A steel column of hollow circular cross section (external diameter and internal diameter ) hinged at both ends is subjected to compressive load. If the length of the column is L and modulus of elasticity of steel is E, the critical stress of column according to Euler’s formula will be

  9. A rivet of diameter is used to connect thick plate. The permissible stress for rivet in shear and bearing are and , respectively. The difference of Rivet value in double and single shear is

  10. A semicircular arch of radius R hinged at two ends and at the crown carries uniformly distributed load q per unit length. The normal thrust at the crown will be