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  1. A theodolite was set up at station and angle of elevation measured to a vane above the foot of leveling staff held at is °. Horizontal distance between and is . Reduced level of instrument axis is . Assuming negligible correction, the level of staff station is

32. Reduced level of bottom of sunshade, ‘ ‘ is . The following readings were obtained using a level:

Readings on inverted staff at is Readings on the top of peg on the ground is

The height difference between and is

  1. The distance between two posts measured with a chain was found to be . If the chain 10 cm too long, then the true distance between the posts is

  2. The correct sequence of the anaerobic sludge digestion steps is

    Acid formation, hydrolysis, methane formation

  3. Methane formation, acid formation, hydrolysis

  4. Hydrolysis, methane formation, acid formation

  5. Hydrolysis, acid formation, methane formation

  6. If a sample of air is analyzed at standard temperature and pressure, and is found to contain of sulfur dioxide, the

    equivalent concentration in will

    be (Given atomic weight of and )

  7. Match the List I with List II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists:

List I (Treatment Units)

  1. Grit Chamber

  2. Primary sedimentation

  3. Sludge digestion

  4. Activated sludge

List II (Detention Time)

  1. Six hours

  2. Two minutes

  3. Two hours

  4. Twenty days Codes

    Mathching Choices for Question 36
    Mathching Choices for Question 36

























  5. A . Triangular unit hydrograph has peak discharge of and time to peak is . The peak discharge and time to peak of the direct runoff hydrograph resulting from a . Storm having rainfall in the first and rainfall in the second . is (consider phi-index of )

    1. .

    2. .

    3. .

  6. The velocity field can be represented by

    V 3x py qz i rx 2 y 4z j sx 6y tz k

    where p, q, r, s, t are constants. If the fluid is incompressible and conserve mass, then the value of t is

    1. 5

    2. –5

    3. 3

    4. 1

  7. A channel is carrying a discharge of 20 m3/sec. The average velocity of flow in the channel for as per Lacey’s regime theory is

  8. 0.723 m/sec

  9. 7.23 m/sec

  10. 72.3 m/sec

  11. 0.0723 m/sec

  12. An irrigation canal has culturable command area of . The intensity of irrigation for Kharif season is and for Rabi season is . If the duty at its head is for Kharif season and for Rabi season, then the design discharge at the head of the canal is

  13. A volume of of groundwater was pumped out uniformly from an unconfined aquifer of area. If the specific yield of the aquifer is , the water table of the aquifer was lowered down by