BSNL JTO (CE) Paper 2009 with Solutions Explanations at doorsteptutor. Com Part 8

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A u-tube manometer is arranged as shown in figure below to measure the pressure difference between point and point in a pipeline conveying water of density . The density of the manometer fluid is . The pressure difference between A and B when is (take

Image of u - tube manometer

Image of U - Tube Manometer

Image of u - tube manometer

  1. A rectangular channel has a width of . the channel carries a discharge of with depth of water of .

    At certain section in the channel, it is proposed to construct a smooth hump. The maximum height of the hump

    that can be constructed without any change in the upstream depth of the channel is

  2. Head loss between section A and B of a circular pipe of a diameter is . The average velocity of flow is and Darcy’s frictional coefficient is . The length of the pipe between section A and B is

  3. What is the population equivalent of a city if the average sewage from the city is , and the average day BOD is ? Assume that per capita of sewage per day .

  4. The mixed liquor suspended solids (MLSS) concentration in the aeration tank of activated sludge process is . If one litre of sample settled in 30 minutes and the measuring cylinder showed a sludge volume of , then the sludge volume index would be nearly

  5. If the population of a city is , and average water consumption is , then the capacity of the pipe mains should be

  6. For a water sample having a total hardness of as and alkalinity of as , the carbonate hardness and non-carbonate hardness are respectively

  7. A water having pH = 9 will have OH concentration equal to

  8. The chlorine demand of a water sample was found to be . The amount of bleaching powder

    Containing available chlorine to be added to treat one litre of such a water sample is