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31. For a transmission line, the characteristic impedance with inductance and capacitance is





32. When the graph of a network has six branches with three tree branches then the minimum number of equations required for the solution of the network is





34. As a network contains only independent current sources and resistors then if the values of all resistors are doubled then the values of the node voltages are

(A) Will become half

(B) Will remain unchanged

(C) Will become double

(D) Cannot be determined unless the circuit configuration and the values of the resistors are known

35. A iron cored choke is a

(A) Linear and active device

(B) Nonlinear and passive device

(C) Active device only

(D) Linear device only

36. Pointing vector wattmeter is based on

(A) See beck effect

(B) Ferranti effect

(C) Induction effect

(D) Hall effect

37. Which one of the following is not a transducer in the true sense?

(A) Thermocouple

(B) Piezoelectric pick-up

(C) Photo voltaic cell


38. The term used to denote a static device that converts ac to dc, dc to ac, dc to dc or ac to ac is

(A) Converter system

(B) Inverter

(C) Chopper

(D) Thyristor

39. When a dipole antenna of length has an equivalent total resistance of then the efficiency of the antenna is





40. In commercial FM broadcasting, the maximum frequency deviation is normally





41. Weins Bridge is used for measurement of frequency in the applied voltage waveform is measurement of frequency in the applied voltage waveform is

(A) Sinusoidal

(B) Square

(C) Rectangular

(D) Triangular

42. Strain gauge is

(A) Not a transducer

(B) An active transducer

(C) Not an electronic instrument

43. A high Q coil has

(A) Large band width

(B) High losses

(C) Low losses

(D) Flat response

44. In the case of an instrument reading of with a to voltmeter having a guaranteed accuracy of full scale reading, the percentage limiting error is





45. The ‘h’ parameter equivalent circuit of a junction transistor is valid for

(A) High frequency, large signal operation

(B) High frequency, small signal

(C) Low frequency, large signal operation.

46. A system is causal if the output of any time depends only on

(A) Values of input in the past and in the future

(B) Values of input at that time and in the past

(C) Values of input at that time and in the future

(D) None

47. Form the hot metal surface electrons escape because

(A) Of change of state from metal to gas due to heat.

(B) Of change of state from gas to metal

(C) The energy supplied is greater than the work function

(D) The energy is greater than Fermi level

48. The most common device used for detection in radio receivers is

(A) Amplifier

(B) Triode

(C) Diode

(D) Transistor

49. In a full wave rectifier the negative point in a circuit is

(A) Cathode

(B) Anode

(C) The central tap on the high voltage secondary

(D) Plate.

50. Negative feedback amplifier has a signal corrupted by noise as its input. The amplifier will

(A) Amplify the noise as much as the signal

(B) Reduce the noise

(C) Increase the noise

(D) Not affect the noise

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