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51. It is a unidirectional device that blocks the current flow from cathode to anode





52. An ideal constant current source is connected in series with an ideal constant voltage source. Considering together the combination will be a

(A) Constant voltage source

(B) Constant current source

(C) Constant voltage and a constant current source or a constant power source.

(D) Resistance

53. Anode current in a thyristor is made up of

(A) Electrons only

(B) Electrons or holes

(C) Electrons and holes

(D) Holes only

54. For a pulse transformer, the material used for its core and the possible turn ratio from primary to secondary are respectively

(A) Ferrite:

(B) Laminated iron:

(C) Ferrite:

(D) Powered iron:

55. A converter which can operate in both 3 pulse and 6 pulse mode is a

(A) Phase full converter

(B) Phase half wave converter

(C) Phase semi converter

(D) Phase full converter

56. A single phase CSI has capacitor C as the load. For a constant source current, the voltage across the capacitor is

(A) Square wave (B) triangular wave (C) step function (D) pulsed wave

57. A single phase full wave midpoint thyristor converter uses a transformer with center tap on the secondary side. The per thyristor is





58. In dc choppers for chopping period T, the output voltage can be controlled by FM by varying

(A) T keeping Ton constant

(B) Ton keeping T constant

(C) Tuff keeping T constant

(D) None of the above

59. An ideal power supply consist of

(A) Very small output resistance

(B) Zero Internal resistance

(C) Very large input resistance

(D) Very large output resistance

60. The linearity error for a digital input is indicated by





61. In the code the decimal number is written as




(D) None of the above

62. Match the given feedback circuit with its proper nomenclatures

Feedback Circuit with Its Proper Nomenclatures

(A) Current series feedback

(B) Current shunt feedback

(C) Voltage series feedback

(D) Voltage shunt feedback

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