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87. Boolean algebra is based on

(A) Numbers

(B) Logic

(C) Truth

(D) Symbols

88. The amplifiers following the modulated stage in a low level modulation AM system be

(A) Linear amplifier

(B) Harmonic generators

(C) Class C power amplifiers

(D) Class unturned amplifiers

89. In a radar system maximum unambiguous range depends on

(A) Maximum power of the transmitter

(B) Pulse repetition frequency

(C) Width of the transmitted pulse

(D) Sensitivity of the radar receiver.

90. In composite video waveform the function of the serrations, is to

(A) Equalize the charge in the integrator before the start of vertical retrace

(B) Help vertical synchronization

(c) Simplify the generation of the vertical sync pulse

91. The frequency range 30MHz - 300MHz is

(A) Medium frequency

(B) Very high frequency

(C) Super high frequency

(D) Infrared frequency

92. Which wave cannot exist inside wave guide?

(A) TE

(B) TM


(D) HE

93. Ionosphere layer of earth is situated at

(A) Up to 18 kms from earth

(B) From 18 to 70 km

(C) 70 to 500 km

(D) Above 500km

94. A two cavity klystron tube is a

(A) Velocity modulated tube

(B) Frequency modulated tube

(C) Amplitude modulated tube

(D) Simple triode

95. As the thermal noises get doubled due to the increase in a resistance the noise powers get.

(A) Doubled

(B) Quadruped

(C) Unchanged

(D) Halved

96. Which one is a cross field tube?

(A) Klystron

(B) Reflex Klystron

(C) Magnetron


97. The degree of coupling depends

(A) Size of hole

(B) Location of holes

(C) Size and location of holes

(D) Not depend on size or location of hole

98. The thermal noise depends on

(A) Direct current through device

(B) Resistive component of resistance

(C) Reactive component of impedance

(D) Load to connect.

99. The charge on a hole is





100. Intel՚s 8085 microprocessor chip contains

(A) Seven 8 bit registers

(B) 8 seven bits registers

(C) Seven 7 bit registers

(D) Eight 8 bit registers

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