BULATS Exam: History Books

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Modern India

  1. Modern India (NCERT) Bipan Chandra - Buy from Amazon
  2. Modern India (Macmillan) Sumit Sarkar - Buy from Amazon
  3. Anatomy of the Raj (PPH) Suhash Chakravarty
  4. The Raj Syndrome (Penguins) Suhash Chakravarty
  5. VAID՚s Fundamentals of History Series
    1. Administrative History Pravin Kumar
    2. Constitutional History Pravin Kumar
    3. Social History Pravin Kumar
    4. Freedom Struggle Pravin Kumar
  6. Peasant Movements in India D. N. Dhanagare - Buy from Amazon
  7. India՚s Struggle for Independence Bipan Chandra and others - Buy from Amazon
  8. Gandhi B R Nanda - Buy from Amazon
  9. Gandhi Judith Brown - Buy from Amazon
  10. Freedom Struggle (NbT) Bipan Chandra & others

Medieval India

  1. Medieval India (NCERT) Satish Chandra - Buy from Amazon
  2. Medieval India (Macmillan) Satish Chandra - Buy from Amazon
  3. The Wonder That was India (Vol. 2) S. A. A. Rizvi - Buy from Amazon
  4. The Agrarian System of Mughal India 1556 - 1707 Irfan Habib - Buy from Amazon
  5. The Mughal Empire J. F. Richards - Buy from Amazon
  6. Urban Dynamics H. C. Verma - Buy from Amazon
  7. The Marathas Gordon - Buy from Amazon

Ancient India

  1. Ancient India (NCERT) Prof. R S Sharma
  2. The Wonder That was India A. L. Basham - Buy from Amazon
  3. Ancient India - An Introductory Outline D. N. Jha
  4. History of India, Vol. I Romila Thapar
  5. Aspects of Political Ideas and Institutions in Ancient India R S Sharma (only Conclusion)
  6. Material culture & Social Formation in Ancient India R S Sharma - Buy from Amazon
  7. Indian Feudalism R S Sharma - Buy from Amazon
  8. Ashoka & Decline of the Maurya Romila Thapar - Buy from Amazon
  9. A History of South India K A Nilkantha Sastri
  10. Ancient India and Indian Archaeology Archaeological Survey of India

World History

  1. The story of Civilization, Vol. 2 (NCERT) Arjun Dev
  2. Contemporary World History (NCERT) Arjun Dev & others
  3. The Mainstream of Civilization Strayer, Gatzke & Harbison - Buy from Amazon
  4. Western Civilizations Burns & others - Buy from Amazon
  5. Industry & Empire E. J. Hobsbawm - Buy from Amazon
  6. Age of Revolution E. J. Hobsbawm - Buy from Amazon
  7. Age of Capital E. J. Hobsbawm - Buy from Amazon
  8. Age of Empires E. J. Hobsbawm
  9. Social basis of Democracy & Dictatorship B. J. Moore
  10. Europe Since Napoleon David Thompson
  11. Europe Since 1815 W. C. Craig
  12. Europe Since 1870 James Joll - Buy from Amazon

Others: For Concepts and Knowledge

  1. What is History E. H. Carr - Buy from Amazon
  2. Historian՚s Craft Marc Block
  3. The Past and the present Lawrence Stone - Buy from Amazon