BULATS Exam: Books for Mental Ability, General Ability and Reasoning Subject

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  1. Examrace Aptitude Series
  2. Mental Ability Test (Popular Master Guide) by Manoj K. R. Singh-Buy from Amazon
  3. General Intelligence Test-Mental Ability Test by RPH Editorial Board-Buy from Amazon
  4. Course in Mental Ability & Quantitative Aptitude by Showick Thorpe-Buy from Amazon
  5. Multiple Choice Tests for Common Entrance: Mental Ability by Phyllis Wint-Buy from Amazon
  6. General Mental Ability (Science & Technology Foundation) by Cengage Learning India-Buy from Amazon
  7. Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations by R. S. Aggarwal-Buy from Amazon
  8. A New Approach to Reasoning Verbal & Non-Verbal by B. S. Sijwalii-Buy from Amazon
  9. A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning by R. S. Aggarwal-Buy from Amazon
  10. Analytical Reasoning by M. K. Pandey-Buy from Amazon