Past Year Paper Analysis for the BULATS 2021

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The reading and listening sections of his will require you to demonstrate a variety of English language skills. Before you look at the breakdown of these two sections, it can be helpful to get an overview.

Part: 1

Section 1

This section offers a multiple-choice task in which you must demonstrate an understanding of a variety of business documents. There are seven questions in this section.

Section 2

You will be given a sentence that is missing a word and you must choose the correct word from a list of four choices. There are six questions in this section.

Section 3

In this section you will read a text that is a few paragraphs long and then you will answer questions that will check your understanding of the text and whether you can locate information. There are six questions in this section.

Section 4

This section contains a text in which several words are missing. You will need to use your understanding of English grammar to insert one word into each blank.

Part: 2

Section 1

In this section there are four brief texts and seven sentences and you must match each sentence to a text.

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