BULATS Exam Pattern 2021

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Name of the Tests Available in BULATS

  1. Computer test
  2. Standard test
  3. Speaking test
  4. Writing test

Computer Test

The BULATS Computer Test provides a fast, versatile and accurate method of testing language ability in the working environment.

Computer test is 60 minutes.

Standard Test

The test is of 110 minutes, in which 50 minutes for Listening and 60 minutes for Reading and Language Knowledge.

BULATS Standard test is mainly consider Listening, Reading and Language Knowledge section.

  • Listening:

In this section it is divided into 4 parts. The format of this section is shown as below:

Listening Table Part 4, Type of Task , No Q
ContentType of taskNo. Question
Part 1Understanding short conversations or monologues.10
Part 2Taking down phone messages orders, notes, etc.12
Part 3Listening for gist, identifying topic, context or function.

Short monologues/dialogues.

Part 4Listening to extend speech for detail and inference.18
  • Reading and Language Knowledge:

This section is divided in to two different parts and this parts are divided in different section and structure of this section are given below

Part 1

In this part there are 4 sections with total 24 marks and its structure is described below:

Content Type of Task and No. Que 4 Part
ContentType of taskNo. Question
Part 1Understanding notices, messages, timetables, adverts, leaflets, graphs, etc. Multiple-choice task.7
Part 2Grammar and vocabulary. Gapped sentences with multiple-choice task.6
Part 3Newspaper or magazine article, advert, leaflet, etc Long text with multiple-choice test.6
Part 4Grammar. Medium-length text open cloze.5

Part 2

In this part there are 6 sections with total 36 marks and its structure is described below:

6 Parts and Task and No Q
ContentType of taskNo. Question
Part 1Reading for specific information. Four short texts with matching text.7
Part 2Grammar and vocabulary. Medium-length text With multiple-choice cloze.5
Part 3Grammar. Medium-length text open-cloze.5
Part 4Grammar and vocabulary. Gapped sentence With multiple-choice task.6
Part 5Reading for gist and specific information Newspaper or magazine article, report, etc. Long text with multiple-choice task.6
Part 6Error correction task. Medium-length text.7


Speaking test to 2 parts.

  • Interview
  • Presentation
Speaking 2 Parts
ContentSpeakingSuggested timings
Part 1Interview4 minutes
Part 2Presentation4 minutes


Practise making short 1 minute talks on work-related subjects as often as possible to enable you to get a sense of timing


The BULATS Writing test is taken online and assesses writing skills, and knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.

The Bulats writing test is divide into two parts:

Writing 2 Parts
ContentWritingSuggested timings
Part 1Email (50 - 60 words)15 minutes
Part 2Report Or Letter (180 - 200 words)30 minutes

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