Ticket Collector, Commercial Clerk, Jr. Clerk, Jr. Account Clerk Exam Part 5

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41. Which of the following is called the laughing gas?

(1) Nitrogen Oxide

(2) Hydrogen Oxide

(3) Nitrous Oxide

(4) Sulphur Oxide

Answer: 3

42. Who was the first Indian to qualify for Olympics?

(1) Shiny Abraham

(2) PT Usha

(3) Karmam Malleshwari

(4) Jyotirmony Sikdar

Answer: 2

43. During Shivaji՚s childhood, who among the following exercised the maximum influence on his character?

(I) Jija Bai, his mother

(II) Dadaji Kondadev, his tutor

(III) Shahji Bhonsle, his father

(1) I Only

(2) I and III

(3) I, II and III

(4) I and II

Answer: 4

44. Black Hole Episode was the main cause of:

(1) Battle of Buxar

(2) Battle of Plassey

(3) Battle of Wandiwash

(4) Battle of Haldighati

Answer: 2

45. Who is known as the Grand Old Man of India?

(1) Khan Abdul Ghaffar Kan

(2) C. Rajgopalachari

(3) Lala Lajpat Rai

(4) Dadabhai Naoroji

Answer: 4

46. The slogan Inquilab Zindabad was first raised by:

(1) Lokmanya Tilak

(2) Veer Savarkar

(3) Chandrashekhar Azad

(4) Bhagat Singh

Answer: 4

47. Which of the following is/are true about Sarojini Naidu?

(a) She was the First Woman President of the Congress

(b) She was the first Woman Governor in independent India

(c) She was the first Health Minister in independent India

(d) She wrote the famous Golden Bough

(1) a, b, and d

(2) a and c

(3) a and b

(4) Only b

Answer: 4

48. Which planet looks reddish in the night sky?

(1) Mercury

(2) Mars

(3) Jupiter

(4) Saturn

Answer: 2

49. Geostationary orbit is at a height of:

(1) 6 km

(2) 1000 km

(3) 3600 km

(4) 36,000 km

Answer: 4

50. The ozone layer in the upper part of the atmosphere protects us from:

(1) Cosmic rays

(2) Ultrasonic waves

(3) Infra- red rays

(4) Ultraviolet rays

Answer: 4