IBPS Clerks Exam Questions and Answers Date 4th Dec 2012 Paper

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IBPS Clerks Exam date: 4 - 12 - 2011

1. Which of the following awards is given for excellence in the field of Literature?

A) Dada Saheb Phalke Award

B) Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award

C) Padma Bhushan

D) Nirja Bhanot Award

E) Pulitzer Prize


2. Which of the following countries is not a permanent member of UN Security Council?

A) China

B) India

C) Russia

D) France

E) U. S. A

Ans – B

3. India recently conducted joint naval exercise SLINEX II with which of the following countries?

A) Sri lanka

B) China

C) Japan

D) Bangladesh

E) Russia


4. As per the report by the U. S Agencies, which of the following countries was the largest purchaser of weapons in 2010?

A) China

B) India

C) Pakistan

D) Srilanka

E) Iran

Ans – B

5. Which of the following Social Welfare Schemes is launched by the Government of India?

A) Mid-day Meal Scheme

B) Jeevan Asha

C) Jeevan Bharti

D) Look east policy

E) Bharat Nirman

Ans – A

6. Which of the following awards was given to Mrs. Nilima Mishra recently?

A) Pulitzer prize

B) Ramon Magsaysay

C) Nobel Peace prize

D) Golden pen award

E) Kaliga Award

Ans- B

7. Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa is the ________?

A) President of Srilanka

B) Prime Minister of Srilanka

C) President of Nepal

D) Prime Minister of Nepal

E) Foreign Minister of Fiji


8. Expand the term A L M ________?

A) Asset Liability Management

B) Asset Liability Maturity

C) Asset Liability Mismatch

D) Asset liability Manpower

E) Asset Liability Maintenance


9. Which of the following is the overall female literacy rate in India as per recent census?







10. What does the letter β€˜L’ stands for in the term LAF commonly used?

A) Liquidity

B) Least

C) Liabilities

D) Long

E) Liquid

Ans – A

11. Thumba β€² India β€² s Rocket Launching centre is located in ________?

A) Haryana

B) Maharashtra

C) Tamilnadu

D) Gujarat

E) Orissa

Ans- None of these

12. Mr. Tony Tan is the New President of ________?

A) China

B) Japan

C) Singapore

D) Hongkong

E) North Korea

Ans – C

13. Which one of the following is observed as β€˜World Food Day’ ?

A) 6th Nov

B) 16th Nov

C) 6th Oct

D) 16th Oct

E) 17th Jan

Ans- D

14. Which of the following books is written by Sunil Gavaskar?

A) A Brief History of Time

B) A Sence of Time

C) Sunny Days

D) Half a Life

E) Great Expectations

Ans – C

15. Who among the following players got Honorary Rank of Lt. Colonel in the Territorial Army of India?

A) Rahul Dravid

B) Sachin Tendulkar

C) Abhinav Bindra

D) Leander Paes

E) Gagan Narang


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