Bank of Baroda Bank PO Exam Paper with Solutions 2021-Part 4

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The USP of a savings Bank Accounts is-

  1. Low EMI
  2. Low rate of interest
  3. Liquidity
  4. High yields
  5. There is no USP for SB Accounts

Answer: 2

The USP of a Current Deposit Account is-

  1. Flexi operations
  2. High rate of interest
  3. Liquidity
  4. Restricted balance
  5. None of these

Answer: 3

The USP of a personal Loan is-

  1. Available only to businessmen
  2. Available only to salaried persons
  3. Available to professionals
  4. Easy EMIs
  5. None of these

Answer: 4

Marketing channels means-

  1. Delivery time
  2. Delivery place
  3. Delivery period
  4. purchase outlets
  5. Delivery outlets

Answer: 5

Marketing channels for banks are-

  1. Bank branches and ATMs
  2. Bank Branches and back office sat ups
  3. ATMs and Back – office set ups
  4. only A and B
  5. only A and C

Answer: 2

lnternel banking means-

  1. marketing on the net
  2. surfing on the net
  3. phishing
  4. Banking on the net
  5. None of these

Answer: 1

Marketing of Internet Banking can be focused among … Find the wrong option.

  1. All existing customers
  2. All Corporates
  3. All outsourced agencies
  4. All NRIs
  5. None of these

Answer: 4

CRM means-

  1. A charitable and Religious Movement
  2. customers՚ meet
  3. customers՚ reactions
  4. customers Relationship Management
  5. critical Reaction Means

Answer: 4

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