Bank of Baroda Bank PO Exam Paper with Solutions 2019-Part 4

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The USP of a savings Bank Accounts is-

  1. Low EMI

  2. Low rate of interest

  3. Liquidity

  4. High yields

  5. There is no USP for SB Accounts

Answer: 2

The USP of a Current Deposit Account is-

  1. Flexi operations

  2. High rate of interest

  3. Liquidity

  4. Restricted balance

  5. None of these

Answer: 3

The USP of a personal Loan is-

  1. Available only to businessmen

  2. Available only to salaried persons

  3. Available to professionals

  4. Easy EMIs

  5. None of these

Answer: 4

Marketing channels means-

  1. Delivery time

  2. Delivery place

  3. Delivery period

  4. purchase outlets

  5. Delivery outlets

Answer: 5

Marketing channels for banks are-

  1. Bank branches and ATMs

  2. Bank Branches and back office sat ups

  3. ATMs and Back –office set ups

  4. only A and B

  5. only A and C

Answer: 2

lnternel banking means-

  1. marketing on the net

  2. surfing on the net

  3. phishing

  4. Banking on the net

  5. None of these

Answer: 1

Marketing of Internet Banking can be focused among …..Find the wrong option.

  1. All existing customers

  2. All Corporates

  3. All outsourced agencies

  4. All NRIs

  5. None of these

Answer: 4

CRM means-

  1. A charitable and Religious Movement

  2. customers’ meet

  3. customers’ reactions

  4. customers Relationship Management

  5. critical Reaction Means

Answer: 4

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