IBPS Bank PO CWE Reasoning Questions Coding and Decoding, Blood Relation, Data Sufficiency Questions Part 1

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1. BE’ is related to ‘GJ’ in the same way as ‘PS’ is related to

1) UY

2) UX

3) UZ

4) VY

5) None of these

Ans. 1 (2)

2. Among P, Q, R, S and T, each having scored different marks, R scored more marks than P and T. Q scored less marks than T. S did not score the highest marks. Who among them scored the highest?

1) P

2) T

3) R

4) Data inadequate

5) None of these

Ans. 2 (3)

3. Pointing to a girl, Nidhi said, ‘She is the daughter of my grandmother’s only child.’ How is the girl related to Nidhi?

1) Sister

2) Self

3) Cousin sister

4) Data inadequate

5) None of these

Ans.3 (4)

4. In a certain code MOAN is written as 5%3$ and NEWS is written as $1@8. How is SOME written in that code?

1) 8%o51

2) 85%8

3) 8@51

4) 8%31

5) None of these

Ans.4 (1)

5. In a certain code language ‘how many books’ is written as ‘sa da na’ and ‘many more days’ is written as ‘ka pa da’. How is ‘books’ written in that code language?

1) sa

2) na

3) sa or na

4) Data inadequate

5) None of these

Ans 5)(3)

6. In a certain code MAJORITY is written as ‘PKBNXSHQ’. How is SANCTION written in that code?





5) None of these

Ans.6 (2)

7. The position of the first and the sixth digits in the number 5120397468 are interchanged, similarly the positions of the second and the seventh digits are interchanged and so on. Which of the following will be the fourth digit from the right end after the rearrangement?

1) 1

2) 5

3) 7

4) 9

5) None of these

Ans.7 (1)

8. How many such pairs of letters are there in the word OROANISED each of which has as many letters between them in the word as in the English alphabet?

1) None

2) One

3) Two

4) Three

5) More than three

Ans. 8 (3)