Bank Probationary Officer (Bank Po) Questions and Answers Paper Part 5

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Directions (Q. 65 - 74) : Read each sentence carefully and detect the error which may be in any one of the parts 1,2, 3 or 4. In case of ‘No error’ , 5 will be the answer.

65. (1) To hit a man/

(2) When he is down/

(3) Is a contemptuous/

(4) Thing to do. /

(5) No error

66. (1) The climate on this/

(2) Altitude is cool and dry/

(3) But down in the valley/

(4) It is very sultry. /

(5) No error

67. (1) since her mother/

(2) Died when she/

(3) Was young/

(4) She did lack maternal care. /

(5) No error

68. (1) In 1665 a/

(2) Great pestilence caused/

(3) The death of 63000 persons/

(4) In the city of London. /

(5) No error

69. (1) Because of his/

(2) Lack of interest in the/

(3) Affairs of the society, the members/

(4) Decided to depose the president. /

(5) No error.

70. (1) In the last three/

(2) Years Rohan has managed/

(3) To obtain for him thousands/

(4) Of foreign stamps. /

(5) No error.

71. (1) we watched the/

(2) Aeroplane until it/

(3) Disappeared, surrounded/

(4) Complete by clouds. /

(5) No error

72. (1) before the police could/

(2) Seize on the way the thief/

(3) Escaped across the/

(4) River into the forest. /

(5) No error

73. (1) If you leave/

(2) Now, you will have/

(3) Plenty time to reach/

(4) The city by noon. /

(5) No error

74. (1) According to/

(2) Present-day opinion, action/

(3) Must be taken long/

(4) Ago to preserve forests. /

(5) No error

Directions (Q. 75 - 79) : Rearrange the sentences given below in a way which would make an appropriate and meaningful paragraph. Mark the correct order of sentences and answer the questions given below.

i. In most of the tourist destinations of the valley, the somber environs greet the visitor.

ii. But the turmoil has restricted most of the pilgrims only to visit the Amarnath Shrine.

iii. Besides, most of the Amarnath Yatris too used to visit the valley՚s tourist spots after their pilgrimage to the holy Amarnath cave shrine.

iv. The tourism industry was expecting a booming business this summer.

v. But the unrest has dashed the hopes of those associated with this industry, the mainstay of Kashmir՚s economy.

vi. The industry was expecting at least ten lakh visitors this season.

75. after rearrangement which of the following sentences will come ‘FIRST’ ?

(a) I

(b) ii

(c) iii

(d) iv

(e) v

76. After rearrangement which will be the ‘SECOND’ one?

(a) I

(b) ii

(c) iii

(d) iv

(e) v

77. After rearrangement which will be the ‘FOURTH’ one?

(a) v

(b) vi

(c) iv

(d) iii

(e) i

78. After rearrangement which will be the ‘FIFTH’ one?

(a) ii

(b) iii

(c) iv

(d) v

(e) vi

79. After rearrangement which will be the ‘LAST’ one?

(a) vi

(b) v

(c) iv

(d) ii

(e) i