Bank Probationary Officer (Bank Po) Questions and Answers Paper Part 6

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Directions (80 - 89) : In the following passage some of the words have been left out, each of which is indicated by a number. Find the suitable words from the options given against each number and fill up the blanks with appropriate words to make the paragraph meaningful.

An increase in repo and reverse repo 80 borrowing and lending cost 81 banks will 82. This 83 ideally lead to overall increase in interest rates like credit, deposit etc. The higher interest will in turn 84 to lower demand and thereby lower 85. This is 86 monetary transmission process. However, this 87 may not work 88 and pose 89 problems for a central bank.

80. (a) says

(b) Reflects

(c) Relates

(d) Implies

(e) None of these

81. (a) of

(b) For

(c) To

(d) By

(e) None of these

82. (a) diminish

(b) Decrease

(c) Increase

(d) Stable

(e) None of these

83. (a) do

(b) Could

(c) Should

(d) Can

(e) None of these

84. (a) lead

(b) Come

(c) Result

(d) Go

(e) None of these

85. (a) recession

(b) Deflation

(c) Inflation

(d) Stagflation

(e) None of these

86. (a) known

(b) Called

(c) Told

(d) Said

(e) None of these

87. (a) route

(b) Step

(c) Application

(d) Process

(e) None of these

88. (a) suitable

(b) Appropriate

(c) Perfectly

(d) Systematic

(e) None of these

89. (a) further

(b) Many

(c) Several

(d) Different

(e) None of these

Directions (Q. 90 - 94) : Fill up the blanks with the most suitable pair of words from the options given to make a meaningful sentence.

90. we՚re late. The film … have already started by the time we … the cinema hall.

(a) Shall, arrive

(b) Would, reach

(C) will, get to

(d) Should, approach

(e) May, go

91. The fire spread through the building … but everybody was … escape.

(a) Fast, enable to

(b) Instant, managed to

(c) Quick, able

(d) Immediately, safe

(e) Quickly, able to

92. I am thinking … a house; … you think that՚s a good idea?

(a) Buying, what

(b) Of buying, do

(c) Taking, what

(d) For, will

(e) Of, do

93. I am tired. I՚d rather … out this evening, if you don՚t …

(a) Go, feel

(b) Not, accompany

(c) Not be, worry

(d) Never go, annoy

(e) Not go, mind

94. I must … now. I promised not … late.

(a) Leave, being

(b) Reach, of being

(c) Go, to be

(d) Do it, for being

(e) Get in, of been

Directions (Q. 95 - 100) : Replace the word/words given in bold by one of the given options to make the sentence correct and meaningful. In case of ‘no correction required’ (NCR) , 5 will be the answer.

95. It was not long for I discovered that he could neither read nor write.

(a) Long before

(b) Long since

(c) Longer than

(d) Long then

(e) No correction required

96. The death toll in the train accident went to six hundred.

(a) Increased to

(b) Rose to

(c) Spread to

(d) Counted to

(e) No correction required

97. While walking on the road, a dog bit one man.

(a) A dog had bitted a man

(b) The man was dogged

(c) A dog did bit a man

(d) The man was bitten by a dog

(e) No correction required

98. He promised that he will deliver the letter within two days.

(a) Will must deliver

(b) Would deliver

(c) Will be delivering

(d) Will have delivered

(e) No correction required

99. The negotiations faced a doldrums with neither side ready to move even an inch.

(a) A hanger

(b) A crisis

(c) A hold

(d) An abortion

(e) No correction required

100. I started early so that I may cover the maximum of distance before even mid-day.

(a) I would

(b) I shall

(c) I did

(d) I could

(e) No correction required