IBPS and Clerk Exam Mental Ability Questions and Answers Paper

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221. Which of the following functions is not performed by the CPU?

1) Graphical display of data

2) Arithmetic calculations

3) Managing memory

4) Managing input and output

5) None of these

Ans: None of these

222. Which of the following is the feature that keeps track of the right margin?

1) Find and replace

2) Wordwrap

3) Right justified

4) Left justified

5) Ragged right

Ans: Right justified

223. Keyboard shortcuts are used to move the

1) I-beam

2) Insertion point

3) Scrollbar

4) Mouse

5) None of these

Ans: Scrollbar

224. To specify margins in Word, the user has to select Page Setup option from the menu.

l) Edit

2) Table

3) Autocorrect

4) File

5) Format

Ans: File

225. What is the package called which helps create, manipulate and analyse data arranged in rows and columns?

1) Application package

2) Word processing package

3) Outlining package

4) Outline processors

5) Spreadsheet package

Ans: Spreadsheet package

226. What does an electronic spreadsheet consists of?

1) Rows

2) Columns

3) Cells

4) All the above

5) None of these

Ans: All the above

227. ROM is an example of which of the following?

1) Volatile memory

2) Cache memory

3) Non-volatile memory

4) Virtual memory

5) None of these

Ans: Non-volatile memory

228. Which of the following options is used to display information such as title, page number of the document?

1) Insert Table

2) Autocorrect

3) Thesaurus

4) Spelling and Grammar

5) Header and Footer

Ans: Header and Footer

229. Which part of the computer can display the user՚s work?

1) Mouse

2) Keyboard

3) Disk Drive

4) Monitor

5) None of these


230. When a computer prints a report, this output is called

1) Program

2) Soft copy

3) Hard copy

4) Execution

5) None of these

Ans: Hard copy

231. The processor is a ________ chip plugged onto the motherboard in a computer system.

1) LSI






232. A register that keeps track of the next instruction to be executed is called a/an

1) Data Register

2) Instruction Register

3) Action Register

4) Program Counter

5) Accumulator

Ans: Instruction Register