IBPS and Clerk Exam Mental Ability Questions and Answers Paper

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233. The microprocessor of a computer

1) Does not understand machine language.

2) Understands machine language and high-level languages.

3) Understands only machine language.

4) Understands only high-level languages.

5) Understands only assembly language.

Ans: Understands only machine language.

234. A set of choices on the screen is called a (n)

1) Menu

2) Reverse video

3) Action plan

4) Editor

5) Template


235. What is the full form of PROM?

1) Programmable Read Only Memory

2) Progressive Read Only Memory

3) Periodic Read Only Memory

4) Perfect Read Only Memory

5) Program Read-Only Memory

Ans: Progressive Read Only Memory

236. Which of the following will be used if the (sender of an e- mail wants to bold, itlalicise etc the text message?

1) Reach Signature

2) Reach Text

3) Reach Format

4) Plain Format

5) Plain Text

Ans: Reach Format

237. Which of the following terms is not related to Internet?

1) Link

2) Function key

3) Browser

4) Search engine

5) Hyperlink

Ans: Function key

238. Which of the following justifications align the text on both the sides — left and right — of the margin?

1) Right

2) Justify

3) Both Sides

4) Balanced

5) None of these

Ans: Justify

239. What is the full form of LSI?

1) Low Scale Internet

2) Large Scale Internet

3) Low Scale Integration

4) Large Scale integration

5) Local Scale Integration

Ans: Large Scale integration

240. To move the text from its original position to another position without deleting it is called

1) Scrolling

2) Searching

3) Moving

4) Copying

5) Halting

Ans: Copying

241. Which of the following is an active cell in Excel?

1) Current Cell

2) Formula

3) Range

4) Cell Address

5) None of these

Ans: Current Cell

242. What is included in an e-mail address?

1) Domain name followed by user՚s name

2) User՚s name followed by domain name

3) User՚s name followed by postal address

4) User՚s name followed by street address

5) None of these

Ans: User՚s name followed by domain name

243. What is called the secret code which prohibits entry into some programs?

1) Access code

2) Passport

3) Entry code

4) Password

5) Keyword

Ans: Password

244. Which of the following types of menu shows further sub-choices?

1) Reverse

2) Template

3) Scrolled

4) Pull Down

Ans: Pull Down