General Studies: Important for Exam: IBPS PO Previous Questions Part 1

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IBPS PO Exam Date: 17 - 06 - 2012

1. Which of the following was issue over which India decided to vote against Sri Lanka in the meeting of one of the UN governed bodies/agencies? (India & World)

a) Violations of human rights in Sri Lanka

b) Allowing china of human rights in Sri Lanka

c) Issue of subsidy on agricultural products in the meeting of the WTO

d) Allowing part of Sri Lanka to become an independent country governed by LTTE.

e) Sri Lanka ′ s claim to become a permanent member of UN security council.

Ans: A

2. Which of the following statements is TRUE about political situation in Mali, where a military coup burst out recently (International)

a) General elections were due there in March/April 2012 but did not take place

b) The Country was under the control of US army since last 18 months

c) Army of the country was not happy as Amadou Toure was made president without elections for the next five years

d) Coup broke out in Mali when Amadou Toure, the military chief got seriously injured in a bomb blast.

e) NATO and its associates had planned a coup there.

Ans: D

3. In the summit of which if the following organizations/group of Nations it was declared that all members should enforce Budget discipline? (conferences)

a) G-8


c) European Union


e) G-20

Ans: C

4. A per newspaper reports, India is planning to use ‘SEU’ as fuel in its 700 MW nuclear reactors being developed in new plants. What is full form of ‘SEU’ as used here? (science & technology)

a) Safe Electrical Units

b) Small Electrical units

c) Slightly enriched Uranium

d) Sufficiently Enriched Units

e) Safely enriched uranium

Ans: C

5. The Golden Jubilee of Afro-Asian Development organization was organized in which of the following places in March 2012? (Conferences)

a) Dhaka

b) Tokya

c) Cairo

d) kualalumpur

e) New Delhi

Ans: E

6. The present Foreign Trade policy of India will continue till (economy)

a) December 2012

b) March 2013

c) March 2014

d) June 2014

e) December 2014

Ans: C

7. What was the reasons owing Enrica Lexie , an Italian ship was detained by the port Authorities in Kerala and was bought to Cochin port for inspection and search? (India & world)

a) It was carrying in objectionable material

b) It was involved in sea piracy

c) It was detained as the crew killed two India fishermen

d) The ship started sailing without making payments of Iron ore it loaded

e) It was detained as it was dumping nuclear waste in deep sea.

Ans: C

8. Which of the following agencies/organizations recently gave ‘go-head’ verdict to India՚s one of the most controversial project of Inter linking rivers? (some of the rivers international rivers) (India & World)

a) UN Food and Agriculture Organization

b) World Meteorological Organization

c) International Court of Justice

d) Central Water Commission

e) Supreme Court of India

Ans: E