Bank of Baroda PO and Clerk Exam Previous Questions and Answers Paper

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Bank of Baroda PO Exam

1) Trade Ministers of Key WTO member countries including India held a meeting at Davos in Switzerland on January 29,2011. Which of the following was the purpose of this meeting?

1) Negotiations for free trade

2) Negotiations to abolish Restrictive Trade Practices

3) Issues relating to agricultural subsidies

4) Negotiations for Global trade deal

5) To include Pakistan and Iraq as members

Ans) 3

2) Which one of the following advices has/have been given by leading Economists to Finance Minister during their pre – budget meeting with him?

A) To take measures to boost farm productivity only

B) To improve supply of agricultural products only

C) To reduce the fiscal deficit only

Ans) All A, B & C

3) As per recent newspaper reports, which one of the following countries has signed highest number of deals to get global project finance?

1) Australia

2) USA

3) Saudi Arabia

4) Spain

5) India

Ans) 5

4) To which of the following States has the Asian Development Bank given a loan of $ 90 m for development of Power projects?

1) Himachal Pradesh

2) West Bengal

3) West Bengal

4) Arunachal Pradesh

5) Assam

Ans) 5

5) In the opinion of the Governor of Reserve Bank of India, which one of the following is the reason owing to which India՚s inflation is accelerating?

1) Excess liquidity in market

2) Speculation in essential goods

3) Higher food cost

4) Commodities futures

5) None of these

Ans) 3

6) In the opinion of the RBI, which one of the following is/are a threat to the smooth functioning of Indian companies?

A) Rising input cost

B) High interest rates

C) Inflation only

Ans) All A, B & C

7) For which of the following reasons Government of India has decided to waive off upfront payment of ₹ 1,400 to be made by each customer located in rural areas to LPG connection?

A) To help villagers to use LPG in a place of firewood/kerosene

B) To help villagers to save kerosene for agricultural activities

C) To llure villagers to use LPG which is of substandard quality and not fit for industrial use

Ans) Only B & C

8) Expand the term ALM as used in Banking/finance sector?

1) Asset Liability Mismatch

2) Asset Liability Maturity

3) Asset Liability Management

4) Asset Liability Manpower

5) None of these

Ans) 3

9) Who among the following is the author of the book ‘Half a Life’ ?

1) Mark Tully

2) Deepak Chopra

3) Chetan Bhagat

4) Ved Mehta

5) V. S. Naipaul

Ans) 5

10) Which of the following organizations has given a US $ 1.72 billion loan to India to build rods in rural areas?

1) Asian Development Bank

2) International Monetary Fund

3) Bill Gates Foundations USA

4) World Bank

5) None of these

Ans) 3

11) Who among the following has asked banks to adopt ‘six step’ approach to prevent diversion of funds by the companies?

1) Company Registrar


3) RBI


5) All of these

Ans) 3

12) Which of the following countries has been invited to join BRIC?

1) Indonesia

2) Bangladesh

3) South Africa

4) China

5) Argentina

Ans) 3

13) Who is Nicolas Sarkozy?

1) French Prime Minister

2) French President

3) Russian Prime Minister

4) Russian President

5) None of these

Ans) 2

14) According to World Economic Forum, which one of the following risks is the greatest risk faced by the world in the year 2011?

1) Credit Risk

2) Country Risk

3) Counter pary Risk

4) Sovereign default Risk

5) None of these

Ans) 1

15) Which one of the following decisions has been taken by Govt. in respect of MGNREGA?

1) The wages should be revised by the State Governments

2) The wages are to be revised by the Planning Commission

3) The District Authorities who allot work can give differential wages

4) The wages shall be linked to inflation

5) None of these

Ans) 1

16) On which of the following subjects Pranab Sen Committee has submitted to recommendations to the Govt. of India?


2) Food Security

3) Inflation

4) Food Processing Industries

5) None of these

Ans) 5

17) Expand the term CCEA as used in administrative circles

1) Cabinet Committee of External Affairs

2) Cabinet Committee of Economic Affairs

3) Cabinet Council on External Affairs

4) Cabinet Council of Economic Affairs

5) None of these

Ans) 2

17) What is the full form of LIBOR as used in financial/banking sectors?

1) Local Indian Bank Offered Rate

2) London – India Bureau of Regulations

3) Liberal International Bank Official Ratio

4) London Inter-Bank Offered Rate

5) None of these

Ans) 4

18) In which one of following States, Patratu Thermal Power Plant is proposed to be set up?

1) Madhya Pradesh

2) Bihar

3) Jharkhand

4) West Bengal

5) Kerala

Ans) 3

18) On the basis of which of the following reasons, IMF has projected India՚s GDP growth at 8.8 % in 2010 – 11?

1) Strong industrial growth

2) Strong farm sector growth

3) High domestic consumptions demand

Ans) 2 & 3

19) Who among the following is the ICC Cricketer of the year? (R)

1) Sachin Tendulkar

2) Kevin Peterson

3) M. S. Dhoni

4) Sanath Jayasurya

5) None of these

Ans) 1

20) Who is Montek Singh Ahluwalia? (R)

1) Chairman, Planning Commission

2) Dy. Chairman, Planning Commission

3) Commerce Secretary, GOI

4) Economic Advisor to Prime Minister

5) None of these

Ans) 2

21) Who amongst the following is the Prime Minister of Australia at present?

1) Julia Fillard

2) Kevin Rudd

3) Dilma Rousseff

4) Sebastian Vettel

5) None of these

Ans) 1

22) Expand the term FSDC which is used in financial sectors?

1) Financial Security and Development Council

2) Financial Stability and Development Council

3) Fiscal Security and Development Council

4) Fiscal Stability and Development Council

5) None of these

Ans) 2

23) Expand the term GSLV

1) Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle

2) Global Satellite Launch Vehicle

3) Geosynchronous Station Launch Vehicle

4) Global Station Launch Vehicle

5) None of these

Ans) 1

24) ′ Goodbye Shahzadi ′ s is a book written by — -

1) Shyam Bhatia

2) Ashok Mehta

3) Janardhan Thakur

4) Arun Gandhi

5) None of these

Ans) 1

25) Malayalam writer Akkithom Achutyan Nanbhodiri will be the recipient of which of the following awards?

1) Gnanpith Award

2) Pulitzer Prize

3) Best Asian Author

4) Kalidas Samman

5) Arjun Award

Ans) 1 Nanbhodri has been chosen for the Moorti Devi Award of gnanpith Awards.

26) Which one of the following will set up core banking infrastructure for rural areas?

1) RBI



4) IBA

5) None of these

Ans) 2

27) Who is Robert Zoelick?

1) IMF Chief

2) World Bank President

3) ADB President

4) Chief UNIDO

5) None of these

Ans) 2

28) Justice K. G Balakrishnan is holding the post of

1) Chief Justice of India

2) Chairman, National Human Rights Commission

3) Cabinet Secretary, Govt. of India

4) Revenue Secretary, Govt. of India

5) None of these

Ans) 2

Bank of Baroda Clerk Exam ( 1st Sitting)

1) In order to streamline the functioning of MFI sector the RBI had appointed a committee. The committee was headed by — —

1) Dr. Y. V. Reddy

2) Shri M. V. Nair

3) Shri Y. H. Malegam

4) Dr. D. Subbarao

5) Smt. Usha Thorat

Ans – 3

2) What does the term NSDL stand for?

1) National Securities Development Limited

2) National Securities Depository Limited

3) National Safety Development Limited

4) National Safety Deployment Limited

5) National Social & Developmental Liabilities

Ans – 2

3) Basel III in banks is being planned to be implemented from which of the following years?

1) 2012

2) 2013

3) 2014

4) 2015

5) 2018

Ans – 1

4) As per the reports in various newspapers, RBI has asked banks to make a plan to provide banking services to all villages having a population of 2000. This directive issued by the RBI will fall in which of the following categories? (R)

1) Plan for Financial Inclusion

2) Efforts to meet the targets of priority sector lending

3) Extention of Relief Packages to the Farmers

4) Extension of Internal and Branchless Banking

5) None of these

Ans – 1

5) Which of the following is represented by the letter ‘L’ in the abbreviation CAMELS as used in the financial sector?

1) Leans

2) Leadership

3) Liabilities

4) Liquidity

5) None of these

Ans – 4

6) Many a times we read the word ‘PPP’ in financial dailies/magazines. What is the full form of the same as used in financial world? (Repeated in Bank of Baroda Clerk Exam ( 1st sitting)

1) Purchasing Power Parity

2) Per capita Potential Purchase

3) Public Per capita Power

4) Present Purchasing Power

5) Popular Public Preferences

Ans – 1