Bank Probationary Officer (Bank PO) Higher Questions and Answers Part 3

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26. With the aim of giving a fillip to development schemes in tribal and backward regions, mostly affected by Naxal violence, the Cabinet Committee on Economic affairs (CCEA) has approved the commencement of an Integrated Action Plan (IAP) in

(a) 20 districts

(b) 40 districts

(c) 60 districts

(d) 100 districts

(e) None of these

27. Name of the animal rights crusader who was presented the shining World Compassion Award along with a cheque for 20,000 dollars from Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association.

(a) Vandana Shiva

(b) Sunita Narain

(c) Maneka Gandhi

(d) Sunder Lal Bahuguna

(e) None of these

28. Name the founder of the whistle-blower website Wikileaks.

(a) Julien Assange

(b) Navi Pillay

(c) Phillip Adams

(d) Be Laurie

(e) None of these

29. Name the country՚s only government award for an environmental film.

(a) Vasudha Award

(b) Vasundhara Award

(c) Vaishali Award

(d) Vriksha Mistra Award

(e) None of these

30. The controversial UDRS system used in cricket is

(a) Universal Decision Review System

(b) Unified Decision Review System

(c) Umpire Decision Review System

(d) Unmanned Decision Review System

(e) None of these

31. Which of the following is anti-corruption watchdog?

(a) WTO

(b) Transparency International

(c) UN Security Council

(d) Wikileaks

(e) None of these

32. Who among the following has been appointed as the new director of the Central Bureau of investigation watchdog?

(a) Ashwani Kumar

(b) Amar Pratap Singh

(c) DP Kohli

(d) VS Tiwari

(e) None of these

33. Who is the author of the book Yes, We Can! ?

(a) M Karunanidhi

(b) Dr Ramadoss

(c) Vaiko

(d) MK Azhagiri

(e) None of these

34. Who is the author of the book A Rainbow in the Night?

(a) Jim Corbett

(b) George Orwell

(c) Riduard Loomg

(d) Dominique Lapierre

(e) None of these

35. Which country will host the FIFA World Cup in 2018?

(a) England

(b) Spain

(c) Portugal

(d) Belgium

(e) None of these

36. Name the film which is an Indo-Bangladesh joint production and has bagged the coveted Golden Peacock Award for the Best Film at the 41st International Film Festival of India (IFFI) 2010.

(a) Moner Manush

(b) Bilet Pherat

(c) Andhare Lao

(d) Neel Akasher Neechey

(e) None of these

37. Beighton Cup is associated with

(a) Football

(b) Cricket

(c) Badminton

(d) Hockey

(e) None of these

38. Name the tiny the energy-rich gulf Arab country that has been picked to host the FIFA 2022 World Cup.

(a) UAE

(b) Oman

(c) Saudi Arabia

(d) Qatar

(e) None of these