SBI PO Exam Solved Previous Question Papers 2011 (Part 2 of 4)

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  1. Many times we read in financial newspapers about ‘FII’ What is the full form of FII

    1. Final Investment in India

    2. Foreign Investment in India

    3. Formal Investment in India

    4. Fair Institutional Investment

    5. Foreign Institutional Investment

    Answer: e

  2. Benazir Bhutto is associated with which of the following political parties?

    1. Muslim League

    2. Pakistan Peoples Party

    3. Pakistan National Congress

    4. Islamic Movement of Pakistan

    5. None of these

    Answer: b

  3. One of the former Prime Ministers of which of the following countries was detained in house arrest for a short period after his/her return from a long exile?

    1. Germany

    2. France

    3. Pakistan

    4. Brazil

    5. None of these

    Answer: c

  4. Who amongst the following leaders from USA visited Israel and Palestinian West Bank so that a solution to the Israel and Palestinian problem can be worked out?

    1. George Bush

    2. Al Gore

    3. Bill Clinton

    4. Condeleeza Rice

    5. None of these

    Answer: a

  5. Justine Henin won the Women's singles US Open Tennis championship-2007 after defeating

    1. Svetlana Kuznetsova

    2. Sania Mirza

    3. Dinara Safina

    4. Mathalie Dechy

    5. None of these

    Answer: a

  6. As reported in papers the UN World Food Programmes stopped distributing food in Mogadishu town after its local head was abducted by the government soldiers of the country. Mogadishu is the capital town of

    1. Tanzania

    2. Turkey

    3. Cuba

    4. Libya

    5. Somalia

    Answer: e

  7. The financial markets of which of the following countries were badly affected by sub-prime crisis?

    1. Russia

    2. Brazil

    3. UK

    4. USA

    5. None of these

    Answer: d

  8. Which of the following countries in the world is the biggest consumer of gold?

    1. USA

    2. Bangladesh

    3. Russia

    4. India

    5. None of these

    Answer: d

  9. Which of the following countries is NOT happy with the USA's decision to award a Congressional Medal to Dalai Lama of Tibet?

    1. India

    2. Pakistan

    3. Nepal

    4. Myanmar

    5. China

    Answer: e

  10. Which of the following countries recently decided to launch a military action in Northern Iraq where many Kurdish PKK fighters are based and they are killing people from that country?

    1. India

    2. Afghanistan

    3. Pakistan

    4. Bangladesh

    5. Turkey

    Answer: e

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