Bank PO (IBPS) Exam: Fields of Scientific Studies C

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Fields of Scientific Study: C

  • Campanology: The art of bell ringing
  • Carcinology: Study of crabs and other crustaceans
  • Cardiology: Study of the heart
  • Caricology: Study of sedges
  • Carpology: Study of fruit
  • Cartography: The science of making maps and globes
  • Cartophily: The hobby of collecting cigarette cards
  • Castrametation: The art of designing a camp
  • Catacoustics: Science of echoes or reflected sounds
  • Catalactics: Science of commercial exchange
  • Catechectics: The art of teaching by question and answer
  • Cetology: Study of whales and dolphins
  • Chalcography: The art of engraving on copper or brass
  • Chalcotriptics: Art of taking rubbings from ornamental brasses
  • Chaology: The study of chaos or chaos theory
  • Characterology: Study of development of character
  • Chemistry: Study of properties of substances
  • Chirocosmetics: Beautifying the hands; art of manicure

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