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Are you planning to start a coaching center in India? It is true that these classes have come a long way from the home-based tutoring options to the concept of institutions. While it is a profitable proposition for the people involved in this business, the students get the necessary support from the tutoring classes to prepare for the exams. Several students get enrolled in them in India to crack the competitive examinations. Believe it or not, the coaching centers have become one with the educational system in India. What are the requirements of starting a coaching center in India? The following steps will reveal.

Obtaining license to Start Coaching Center in India

  • If you operate the coaching center on a small scale, you do not need to get a license. However, if the center is similar to the size of an institution and the income exceeds INR nine lakhs per annum, you have to obtain a license and pay tax for the income generated through the center. Apart from this, you have to go with online GST registration and implement the goods and services tax at the institute. Several coaching institutes have centers across various states in India. For every state, they need to register for the GST separately and get the GST numbers.

Subjects to teach

  • Before operating the center, you have to determine the subjects for which your center intends to impart the lesson to the students. Try to do a bit of research on the demand of subjects in the coaching center and those for which the students find it hard to get good tutors. You have to create a different identity for your center and hire the best tutors who can teach the students and have the potential to deliver quality education to them.

Obtaining the best resources

  • Similar to the other business entities, you need suitable resources to run the coaching center. For instance, you have to look for the curriculum of the courses to be taught at the center, the questions papers of the previous years, preferably the last ten years along with textbooks, calculators and office stationary. Instead of buying new books, you can go for the second hand books of the subjects, so try to visit the old books market to grab a copy and save your expenses.

Choosing a location

  • The coaching center must be positioned at a convenient place for which you may have to hire a commercial premise or a complex in your city. Make sure that students from all corners of the city can reach the location of the center.

Filing the returns

  • The coaching classes follow the procedure of several admissions every day and the collections are to be submitted when they file GST return online. The collections from the students along with the receipts cum invoices help in the preparation of the excel sheet for filing the return.

Shops and establishment license

  • Even though the registration requirements are going to differ depending on the nature of the business structure, the common thing you need is the Shop and establishment license, which is issued by the inspector of the area. All the businesses irrespective of their size need to obtain this license and the formalities for this must be completed within one month of setting up the business. The details you send to the inspector must include your name if the business is registered under your name, the name and address of the premises, the category of the business, the number of employees, and the exact date of the establishment of the business. For registration you will require the commercial address proof, PAN card, identity proof, and fee payment challan. The license is issued immediately if the details in the application are accepted.

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