CA Reasoning Sample Paper 4

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Direction (Q.1-2). Choose the correct relation.

Q-1. Pigeon: peace::

(a) Crown: head

(b) War: liberty

(c) Laurels: victory

(d) White flag: surrender

Q-2. Tall: dwarf :: genius:

(a) Shot

(b) Long

(c) Idiot

(d) Intelligence

Direction (Q.3-4 ). Solve the following problems.

Q-3. The number which will come next in the series 2, 6, 12, 20,..........., is

(a) 30

(b) 32

(c) 38

(d) 40

Q-4. 0... 8, 27, 64, 125

(a) 1

(b) 2

(c) 3

(d) 4

Q-5. Which one set of letters when sequentially placed in the gaps of the given letter series shall complete it? bab_b_b_ _abb

(a) abba

(b) bbba

(c) abab

(d) babb

Q-6. From the given alternatives, the word which cannot be formed from the letters used in the word SUPERIMPOSABLE is





Q-7. If the code of STEADY is 931785 and that of ENTRY is 12345, then what will be the code of SEDATE?

(a) 814195

(b) 954185

(c) 614781

(d) 918731


(a) 0

(b) 1



Q-9. If then the values of a and b are

(a) a = 11, b = 11

(b) a = 11, b = 6

(c) a = 11, b = - 6

(d) a = -11, b = - 6

Q-10.If the sum of three consecutive odd numbers is 57, and then the middle number is

(a) 17

(b) 19

(c) 21

(d) 23

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