Model Objective Question for Accountancy Service Rules – Part 1

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Q. Earned Leave be ordinarily combined with the following

A. Casual Leave, half pay leave, maternity leave

B. Study leave, casual, Leave, maternity leave

C. Study Leave, half pay leave, maternity leave

D Casual Leave, hospital leave, paternity leave

Q. Extraordinary Leave, is granted to a Government servant only if?

A. No other leave is admissible

B. When other leave is admissible but Government servant applies in writing extraordinary leave.

C. When a Government servant is on notice period for voluntary retirement.

D. None of the above

Q. What is THC rate of subscription to GP Fund?

A. Minimum 10 % of subscription to GP Fund?

B. Minimum 09 % of his emoluments and not more than his total emoluments

C. Minimum 69 % of his emoluments no limit on maximum

D. Minimum 10 % of his emoluments and no limit on maximum

Q. Which does not count us qualify service for pension purposes?

A. Service on Probation against a post followed by confirmation in the same or a

B. Service as an apprentice.

C. Person appointed on contract followed by appointment in a substantive capacity in a pensionable establishment.

D. All of the above

Q. Interest on delayed payment of gratuity is applicable if?

A. The Government servant delays submission of papers,

B. The delay is attributable to clear administrative Imposes.

C. The Government servant is ignorant of the rules.

D. All of the above

Q. A Government servant joins on 15 January he is entitled to following under CGEGIS 1980 Rules.

A. Insurance Cover from 15th January to 31 December.

B. Savings Benefit form from 15th January to 31 December.

C. Both a and b

D. None of the above

Q. Who will allot the PPAN to employees under Defined Contribution Pension Scheme?

A. Drawing and Disbursing Officer

B. Pay and Accounts Officer

C. Head of Office

D. Head of Department

E None of the above

Q. A Central Government servant admitted in a recognized hospital for treatment before retirement but discharged form hospital after two months on attaining the age of superannuation His medical reimbursement claim would be admitted by

A. Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.

B. Parent office of the Government Servant.

C. CGHS Dispensary.

Q. Central Government servants are permitted to enmesh 10 days Eamed leave at the time of availing Leave Travel Concession. A balance of earned leave that should be his credit after taking into account the period of encashment as well leave should be at least:

A. 120 days EL

B. 60 days EL

C. 30 days EL

Q. A Government servant was drawing basic pay of 5250.00 in the scale of ₹ 4500 - 125 - 700 with DNI on 01.07. 2005. His pay scale has been upgraded to ₹ 5000 - 150 - 8000 from 20.01. 2006 He exercised option for fixation of his pay in the upgraded scale from 01.07. 2006. His pay will fixed at;

A. ₹ 5300.00

B. ₹ 5450.00

C. ₹ 5500.00