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Speed, Time & Distance (Aptitude) - 3 Concepts & Shortcuts: Systematically Solve All Problems

Speed, Time, Distance, & Relative Speed

Distance, Time and Speed

Distance, Speed and Time

Basic Formula of Distance, Time and Speed

Basic Formula, 5 ⁄ 18, ratios, constant time, constant distance, difference b ⁄ w scenarios

Speed Questions Diagram

If the Difference in Time to Cover Certain Distance at 6 Km/Hr and 10 Km/Hr is 30 Min. Find the Distance?

7.5 km

Don Covers Distances in Ratio of 1: 2: 3 at Speeds of 20,30 and 60 M/S. If Total Time is 23 Min Find the Total Distance

Don Now Covers Distances in Three Time Slots Which Are in Ratio of 1: 2: 3 at Speeds of 20,30 and 60 M/S. If Total Distance is 520 M Find the Total Time of Travel

Distance of 300 Km Was Covered in 8 Hours at Speeds of 30 and 50 Km/Hr. How Much Time Was Spent Travelling at 30 Km/Hr?

If Pratibha Moves at 30 Km/Hr She is 20 Min Late for Work. If She Covers 40 Km/Hr She is 10 Min Early. What is the Distance She Has to Cover?

60 km

A Train Covers a Distance of 90 Km at Uniform Speed. Had the Speed Been 15 Km/Hr More, It Would Have Taken Half an Hour Less. Find Original Speed of Train


A Starts Running Towards a Pole Away at Speed 20 M ⁄ S. B Starts Running at 25 M ⁄ S at the Same Time and Goes Back and Forth between Pole and a. Find Distance Covered by B?

Walking at 3 ⁄ 4 of His Usual Speed, a Man is Late by 2.5 Hr. The Usual Time Is?

7.5 hrs

The Ratio between the Speeds of the a & B is 2: 3. A Takes 10 Min More to Reach a Destination. If a Had Walked at Double the Speed, She Would Cover the Distance In?

15 min

Two Trains Start from a & B and Travel Towards Each Other at Speed of 50 Kmph and 60 Kmph. At the Time of the Meeting the Second Train Has Traveled 120 Km More. Find the Distance between a & B


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Ravi who lives in countryside, caught a train for home earlier than usual yesterday. His wife normally drives to station to meet him. But yesterday he set out on foot from the station to meet his wife on the way. He reached home 12 minutes earlier at 6β€²o clock. The car travels at 5 times Ravi՚s speed. At what time would he have reached home if his wife had met him at the station?

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