Shanghai Co-Operation Organisation: Important Forum for the Eurasian Region, India and SCO

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Shanghai Co-Operation Organisation

  • SCO has slowly established itself as an important forum for the Eurasian region.
  • Presently the SCO prioritises peace and security issues, mainly, dealing with terrorism, separatism and focuses on making the whole region a stable and in predicable situation
  • Major issues in the region
    • Security and stability
    • Terrorism and Separatism
    • Narcotics trade
    • Trafficking and smuggling
  • 10th summit of SCO held in Astana in 2011. Astana Declaration adopted
    • At this summit, an agreement on the criteria for membership was also reached and Insia is likely to join soon
    • Iran may not be able to join due to UN sanctions
  • Astana Declaration
    • Stressed the goal of combating the three forces
    • Terrorism, extremism, and separatism
    • Summit called for a neutral Afghanistan
    • Adopted a counternarcotic strategy for 2011 - 16
  • SCO will have an important role in imparting stability in Afghanistan after US leaves

India and SCO

  • India is an observer member (2005) along with Iran, Pakistan, and Mongolia
  • The Yekaterinburg summit of 2009 was attended by MMS. This marked a new chapter of India՚s relationship with SCO
  • India՚s interest in SCO
    • Be a partner in enhancing regional security
    • Make a gateway to Central Asia
    • Fight against drug trafficking
    • Energy security
    • Strengthen people to people contacts, exchanges of business persons and scholars
    • trade, investment, and technology flows

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