CAPF Exam: Fields of Scientific Studies P

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Fields of Scientific Study: P

  • Paedology: Study of children
  • Paedotrophy: Art of rearing children
  • Paidonosology: Study of children՚s diseases; pediatrics
  • Palaeoanthropology: Study of early humans
  • Palaeobiology: Study of fossil plants and animals
  • Palaeoclimatology: Study of ancient climates
  • Palaeolimnology: Study of ancient fish
  • Palaeolimnology: Study of ancient lakes
  • Palaeontology: Study of fossils
  • Philately: Study of postage stamps
  • Philematology: The act or study of kissing
  • Phillumeny: Collecting of matchbox labels
  • Philology: Study of ancient texts; historical linguistics
  • Philosophy: Science of knowledge or wisdom
  • Phoniatrics: Study and correction of speech defects
  • Phonology: Study of speech sounds
  • Psychology: Study of mind
  • Psychopathology: Study of mental illness
  • Psychophysics: Study of link between mental and physical processes
  • Pteridology: Study of ferns
  • Pterylology: Study of distribution of feathers on birds
  • Pyretology: Study of fevers
  • Pyrgology: Study of towers
  • Pyroballogy: Study of artillery
  • Pyrography: Study of woodburning

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