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3 Models of Circulation - Palmen Heat Convective Model & Rossby Waves in Climatology

Dr. Manishika Jain explains 3 models of circulation: 1. Single Cell Circulation Model 2. Tricellular Circulation Model 3. Palmen Heat Convective Model Along with the concept of jet streams and rossby waves.

Models of Circulation Rossby Waves

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Models of Circulation Image - 2
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  • Cold wind from poles move towards equator and warm winds vice versa
  • Distort the path of the jet stream travelling in a straight line
  • Cause them to move in a wave like pattern or meander at various intervals
  • Also due to intervening ridges on landforms like mountain, plateaus etc.
  • Wavy pattern of the jet stream is known as Rossby waves.
  • Some points in warmer latitudes below polar region get some cold pockets cause extremities in local temperature.
  • Rossby waves create areas of high pressure (at ridges) and low pressure (at troughs) .
  • When a high pressure is surrounded by low- creates anticyclones and cyclones.

Low Latitude Patterns

Low Latitude Patterns Image - 1

High Latitude Patterns – Most Common Pattern

High Latitude Patterns – Most Common Pattern

High Latitude Patterns

High Zonal Index & Low Zonal Index

High Zonal Index & Low Zonal Index

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