CAPF Exam People & Environment

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People and Environment

At present the most prominent problem in front of us is of environmental degradation and depletion of natural resources. The problem is basically due to the fact that our society is fiercely intent on producing and consuming 8S much as possible, and increasing the volume as fast 88 possible every year, without any limit in sight. We are already far beyond sustainable per capita levels of resource use and environmental impact, but our supreme goal is economic growth; i.e.. , to increase production and consumption and the GDP all the time and without limit. Most people and all governments refuse to face up to the limits to growth analysis of our situation. We can only have an ecologically sustainable society if we move to The Simpler Way, i.e.. , to a society in which we have materially simple lifestyles, in highly self-sufficient local economies that are run mostly through cooperative arrangements, in a quite new economy; one that is not driven by the profit motive and market forces and has no economic growth.

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