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Continental Drift Theory - 5 Evidences and 4 Major Processes

Continental Drift

Abraham Ortelius in 1596

Alfred Wegener in 1912

“Die Entstehung der Kontinente and Ozeane”

Translated in English in 1924

Plate tectonics theory in 1960՚s

Continental Drift Iamge-1
Continental Drift Iamge-2
  • Alfred Wegener proposed Continental Drift Theory
  • Proposed that continents had once joined, and drifted apart.
  • Jigsaw fit can be seen from map of soil types below.
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Process of Theory

Process of Theory Image

Criticism of Theory

  • Lack of a mechanism.
  • But had evidence
    • Jigsaw fit of the continents
    • Coal deposits, commonly associated with tropical climate found near the North Pole
    • Plains of Africa would show evidence of glaciation.
    • Fossils of exactly the same species were distributed

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