Indus Valley Civilization-Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa

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Indus Valley Civilization

  • The civilization covered an area of around 1.3 million square kms from Manda in the North to Daimabad in the South and from Suktagendor in the West to Alamgirpur in the East.
  • The civilization existed between 3,250 to 2,750 B. C.
  • Red Slip Ware - Harappa Civilization.
  • Ochre - Coloured Pottery - Rigvedic Period
  • Black and Red Ware -1000 - 800 BC
  • Painted Grey Ware - 800 - 400BC
  • Northern Black Polished Ware - 400 - 100 BC
  • Red Ware - 100 BC -300 AD
Detaild Map of Indus Valley Civilization


  • In the Montgomery district in Punjab, on the banks of river Ravi.
  • Dayanand Sahani surveyed the site in 1921 and it was first excavated by M. S. Vats in 1926.
  • Mortimer Wheeler carried out extensive excavation.
  • A citadel surrounds it.
  • It was an important center for boat making.
  • A 12-unit Granary, Coffin-found.
  • A copper ‘Ikka’ and a sword have also been found.
  • Stone figure of a dancer, red sandstone figure and lings and yoni have been found.

Mohenjo-Daro- the Largest Site of Indus

  • In the Larkana district on the banks of river Indus.
  • Discovered by R. D. Bannerjee in 1972.
  • Citadel has been found.
  • Great Bath, Great Granary, Fire Altars and ′ Silajit have also been found.
  • Mother Goddess found here resembles with Isis Devi of Egypt.
  • Pasupati seal has been discovered.
  • Brick Grave, a cotton piece and big jars have also been found.
  • Twin graves found suggest the practice of Sati.
  • One terracotta picture of a creature resembling horse has been found.
  • Terracotta cart with wheel having no spoken has been found.
  • Unicorn seals and terracotta figurines like those of bulls, birds and other animals have been found. Most of the seals were made of steatite.
  • Bronze figure of dancing girl has been found.
  • Representation of a ship on terracotta amulet and on a stone seal has been found.
  • Limestone sculpture of bearded head has also been found.
  • Jewellery of Gold, steatite, and semi-precious stones also include the prized catch.

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