NCERT Class 6 History Chapter 8: Ashoka, the Emperor Who Gave up War YouTube Lecture Handouts

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NCERT Class 6 History Chapter 8: Ashoka, the Emperor Who Gave up War
Ashoka, the Emperor Who Gave up War for History


Dynasty for History
Maurya Dynasty in 265 BCE for History

Why an Empire?

  • Needed more resources than kings
  • Empires were large
  • Big Army
  • More tax collection

Tax Versus Tribute

Greek King - Seleucus Nicator

  • Sent Megasthenes (ambassador)

About Mauryan King – His Grandeur

  • Someone might kill him
  • Servant taste food before him
  • Never sleep in same room twice

About Patliputra –

  • Surrounded by wall
  • 570 towers and 64 gates
  • Palace of wood with stone carvings
  • Ample of Gardens
  • 7 castes by occupation: philosophers (exempt from taxes) , farmers, soldiers, herdsmen, artisans, magistrates and councillors – Romila Thappar


  • First to take his message by inscriptions to people
  • Inscriptions in Prakrit, Written in Brahmi Script
  • Fought Kalinga War at Odisha - bloodshed
  • Only king in world who gave up conquest after winning war

Mauryan pillar found in Rampurwa, Bihar is now been placed in Rashtrapati Bhavan

Ashoka՚S Dhamma

  • No God or sacrifice
  • Teach his subjects
  • Inspired by Buddha
  • Appointed dhamma mahamatta – preach teaching
  • Inscribed messages on rocks & pillars
  • Sent people to Syria, Egypt, Greece and Sri Lanka
  • Arranged medical treatment & built houses

What Next After Mauryans?

What Next After Mauryans? For History

Great Wall of China

  • Before Mauryan – about 2400 yrs ago
  • Protect from attacks of north
  • Additions made 2000 yrs ago as frontiers shifted
  • 6400 km long
  • Watch towers at 100 - 200 km away

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