Preparation Tips for CAPF Exam 2021

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  • When you start a preparation for the exam, take updated syllabus and mark all topics you are weak in.
  • It will help you to pay more focus on this weak topics and turn them into your strength with your practice and hard work.
  • Solve minimum past 10 years papers as it will help you to understand that how much more practice you need to make to clear the exam.
  • More speed is required while solving questions in the test.
  • There are many online test series available for the CAPF exam, these test series are designed as per the latest exam pattern.
  • Practice quantitative aptitude and Reasoning at least 2 hours daily.
  • Both section are very critical, so in both section understand of the concepts and the right approach is help to solving the questions.
  • Also, make a notebook to write a formulae, learn squares and cubes of numbers as much as you can, also learn shortcut methods to save your time.
  • In this examination, many questions come from the general science too, so, read the subjects of biotechnology, information technology, and environment science.
  • Make notes as it will help you to revise everything easily before the exam.
  • Indian Polity and History of India are essential relevant topics for this examination. As both the subjects are vast, it is very important to study this section on a regular basis. Take help of books like Lucent, history books by renowned authors, and NCERT Books.
  • Take a small break after an hour. Take a walk, listen to some music, relax your mind and sit back again to study. It prevents your mind from distractions and provides you better focus and concentration power.
  • For essay and comprehension, reading newspapers and following political, economic, national and international issues are very important as topics.
  • Also remember, read as much as you can as it can help you while writing essays and you also get to learn new expressions and words to present your thoughts in a better way.

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