Eligibility for the CAPF 2019

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UPSC CAPF Eligibility involves the academic qualification, age and physical standard of the candidates.


The Candidates both male and female must be an Indian national.


  • There are some educational qualifications that the applicants must be required for CAPF.

  • Who do not fulfil the educational criteria, those do not apply.

  • Part of UPSC CAPF eligibility Criteria is candidates must hold a Bachelor’s degree from a government recognized university. The university should be incorporated by an Act of the Central or State legislature in India.

  • Other education institutions established by an act of Parliament or declared to be deem university.

  • Those candidates, who have appeared in the qualifying have yet not got their results, can also apply for the CAPF exam.

  • The admission would be provisional until the candidate produces proof of passing the examination after qualifying the entrance test of CAPF.

  • Those candidates who possess professional and technical qualifications recognized by government as equivalent to professional and technical degree would also be eligible for CAPF AC.

Age Limit for CAPF

The applicant must be older than 20 years and younger than 25 years.

The upper age limit can be relaxed for certain candidates, depending on the category they belong to.

The details are below in the table:

Age Limit for CAPF
Age Limit for CAPF


Upper age limit relaxation

Scheduled Casts (SC)

Maximum of 5 years

Scheduled Tribe (ST)

Maximum of 5 years

Other Backward Classes (OBC)

Maximum of 5 years

Civilian Central Government Servants

Maximum of 5 years

Ex – Servicemen

Maximum of 5 years

Those domiciled in Jammu & Kashmir during the period from January 1, 1980 to the December 31, 1989

Maximum of 5 years

Physical and Medical Eligibility

To be eligible for CAPF 2018, the applicants must be required some physical and medical standard as specified by the component authority.

Physical Standards

  • Height must be required for men is 165 cm and for women 157 cm.

  • Chest for men 81 cm and for women not applicable.

  • Weight required for men 50 kg and women 46 kg.

Medical Standards

The following medical standards must be satisfied for UPSC CAPF

Eye Sight

Medical Standards
Medical Standards

Better Eye (Corrected Vision)

Worse Eye (Corrected Vision)

Distant Vision





Near Vision



Limits of refractive errors permitted

-4.00 D (including cylinder) Myopia +4.00 D (Including cylinder) Hypermetropia

Must be noted that if an applicant has undergone LASIK surgery correction, then must have been according to prescribed criteria as mentioned below:

  • Age – 18 to 35 years

  • Axial length – 21 to 26 mm

  • Corneal – thickness 425 micron

  • Pre – LASIK error – 6D

  • Post – operative – Should be stable period refractive flap

  • Interval – 06 months

    • No stammering while speaking

    • No indication pf chronic diseases like TB, any type of arthritis, high blood pressure, Diabetes, Bronchial Asthma, any heart disease.

    • Heart and lungs should be sound.

    • Limbs, hands and feet should be well formed and fully developed.

    • Perfect motion of all joints should be seen.

    • Should have no disease of the genital urinary tract.

    • Both the testicles are in the scrotum and of normal size.

    • Good mental and bodily health

    • Candidate should not have chronic skin diseases like Leprosy, chronic dermatitis, extensive Pityriasis Versicolor, psoriasis and SLE.

  1. Carrying angle

    • The carrying angle should not be more than for male applicant and for female applicants.

    • Hearing Power

    • No degree of deafness

    • Any other condition such as atresia of the meatus, exostosis, neoplasm which may cause obstruction of ear passage should not be present.

  2. Nose

    • Applicants should not have DNS, atrophic rhinitis, tubercular ulceration or chronic sinusitis

    • Neck

    • Candidates should not have enlarged lymph nodes, thyroid or other swelling of neck.

    • Teeth

    • Candidate must possess sufficient number of teeth for efficient mastication.

    • Candidate should not have severe pyorrhea.

  3. Venereal Disease

    • Candidate should not have active signs of clinical VD.

    • Chronic Skin Diseases

    • Candidate should not have chronic skin diseases like Leprosy, chronic dermatitis, extensive Pityriasis Versicolor, psoriasis and SLE.

    • General Standards: