CAT Instructions

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It is basically regarding the frequently asked questions as well as the queries about submission of Common Admission Test 2009 application forms. It also talks about the processes followed by IIMs up to Common Admission Test i.e.. . CAT and CAT score card. It is crucial for those candidates who are carefully and seriously preparing for CAT.

  • CAT Bulletins and Application forms are sold or sent only to the candidates, who are interested in appearing for CAT 2009 and are applying to one of the programmes of IIMs. The CAT bulletin and Application form sold or sent to one person cannot be used by someone else for applying to IIMs. CAT Bulletins and Application forms once sold would not be bought back by the bank or post offices or by the IIMs. The CAT bulletin downloaded from the IIMs web-sites.
  • CAT Bulletin has considerable information on how to fill up the form. Refer the bulletin carefully before filling-in the form. The candidates should ensure that they meet the eligibility criteria of the programme which they have applied for, that the form is complete and that they have read the checklist in the CAT bulletin before forwarding the application to the respective IIM.
  • A candidate can avail the information regarding the admission process from the IIMs websites.
  • Whether the application form has been received, whether the application form is complete, Allotted test registration number and the CAT venue where a candidate will appear for CAT 2009, CAT 2009 scores, whether the candidate is selected for Group Discussions and Personal Interview, and whether the candidate has been offered admission.
  • Therefore, the candidates are advised to retain the web-site addresses of the IIM where the candidate has sent the application form and of all IIMs where the candidate has applied for. The web-site addresses are mentioned in this advertisement.
  • While CAT bulletin and web-sites provide most of the information, a candidate may still have queries about filling the application form. In case a candidate needs further help, he or she can call up the respective IIM. An interactive voice response system also known as IVRS would help in resolving the queries. The telephone numbers given in this advertisement would allow the candidate to use this system. Please note that the IVRS provides answers to general questions pertaining to the admission process and IIMs are not responsible for any misunderstanding created by the IVRS in the mind of any candidate. IIMs, however, own up the responsibility for written responses to queries raised through e-mail, letters or fax, for which addresses have been given in the advertisement.
  • A candidate who has any specific problem or question which cannot be solved by the IVRS or the CAT Bulletin, Such candidate can quote to the admission office of the respective IIM mentioning the application number before receipt of admit card and test registration number after receipt of admit card. The candidate must has to hold a photocopy of the filled application form and admit card till the candidate desired to pursue from IIMs.
  • The candidates belonging to the categories of OBC, SC, ST or WD need to show their category in case of filling their forms and must attach the supporting document as an evidence specifying that they belong to that category. It should be keep in mind that no modification in the category would be allowed after the last date of receipt of application form. In case of no supporting document or any error in the supporting document, candidates have to pay full fees for CAT Bulletin, as the candidates will be treated just like in general category. The applications from the candidates who had only paid half the fee for CAT bulletin but who do not submit any supporting document or who submit irrelevant supporting document would not be taken into consideration.
  • If any error is found in the application, it would be possible for the candidates on October 1 − 2,2009 to check the nature of the defect in the application form on the web-site of the IIM to which they had sent their applications. If a candidate wanted to correct the defect, he or she would have to purchase a new form available at each IIM and complete the application form on or before October 5,2009 by being physically available at the IIM to which he or she had sent his or her application form. Any incomplete application after this date will be straightaway rejected. The defect in application means defect in filling the application form and also defect in documents i.e.. . Part of the application form.
  • Admit cards of the deserving candidates, whose applications are complete would be sent after October 12,2009. The candidates who do not receive the admit cards by November 3,2009 must immediately contact the respective IIM mentioning their application number.
  • Candidates must reach on the exam venue by 9: 45 AM. However, candidates are not allowed to enter the venue after 10: 00 AM. Keep in notice that do not carry any valuable things like cell phones, calculators, pens etc, But only admit card, HB pencils and erasers must be carried along for the test and all the other things have to be left outside the hall at his or her own risk.
  • The candidates must fill the form and appear at the CAT 2009 written test to be eligible for the programmes of IIMs. Meanwhile any wrong attempt in the test or while filling up the form not only would lead to immediate disqualification from the admission process of IIMs but may also lead to prosecution. It is important to note that finding out of such wrong details at any point of time even after getting admission to any IIM would lead to immediate disqualification.
  • The details quoted on the score card of all the valid candidates, appeared in CAT 2009 would be available on the internet web-sites. It would be dispatched to all the candidates. Utmost care would be required so that no mistakes will be there in reading the answer sheet by the machine, there is no provision of revaluation of the answer sheet of any candidate. The candidates must read section 3 of the CAT Bulletin very carefully pertaining to the precautions which are to be taken while answering the questions.